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Landscape design and installation

Landscape design and installation. Xeriscape at its best!

Educational Landscape Consultations: Here is an area of some confusion and I want to be very clear..EVERYONE WHO OWNS A HOME SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE! An educational consultation with a trained, educated professional is an opportunity for you to discuss landscape problems, organic gardening, tree, shrub and plant care, veggie and fruit tree care and selection, soil preparation, proper trimming techniques, necessary tools and soooo much more. An average consultation cost (depending on your location) is $75.00 per hour (most are done in an hour) and this one hour consult can save you thousands in mistakes. For a list of my credentials and additional information about this service please click here to learn more.

Replace your boring sod with a Texas friendly, low water, low maintenance garden that adds value to your home and life.

Replace your boring sod with a Texas friendly, low water, low maintenance garden that adds value to your home and life.

Landscape Design: I am a Certified landscape designer, Master Gardener, artist. However, my best experience has been in the field. While there is absolutely a significant difference between someone who is trained  in design and someone who simply knows about plants, I believe my greatest strength is my experience in the art world and my vast knowledge of plants in their habitat. You cannot design successfully if you do not know the growth habits of each plant you are using and that only comes from being a gardener. I have been a professional Personal Gardener as well as gardening in my own space for over 30 years in Central Texas and that experience has taught me that just because a plant looks good on paper does not mean it looks good 5 years from now in your garden. Spacial challenges, long-term light conditions, soil and water conditions all have to be considered as well as the care the owner wants to put in to a bed. One of the most important qualities of a designer is to be a good listener, it is also important to be honest with the client to manage their expectations, and sometimes what they believe they want may not be what they need. If you are not successful in your space I have not done my job correctly. I believe it is important to give you a  design that suits your lifestyle and the time you have to manage it. Your garden should work for you, not the other way around. With your design you get a scaled drawing, an original and follow-up consultation, a full bid for installation and instruction for the do-it-yourselfer. Typical cost of a design for an average yard or space is between $300-$1000.

Landscape Installation: My company provides the installation of plants,

Lush Xeriscape garden adding interest with texture and contrasting color.

Lush Xeriscape garden adding interest with texture and contrasting color.

shrubs, trees under 20 gallons, tree trimming (Certified Oak Wile Trained) stone walls, patios, raised beds, mulched beds, dry creek beds, french drains, rain barrels, granite and river rock. We also provide installation of water features and disappearing fountains. The average labor fee is $35.00 per person, per hour, but day rates are given at a discount for large projects. Prices vary depending on the scale of work, location and materials used. Bids for work are free of charge.

Personal Gardener Services: We provide gardener services from trained professionals on a regular basis (daily, weekly or bi-weekly), annually or semi-annually. This service can consist of hand watering, plant installation, trimming of shrubs and trees and organic fertilization. This service is $35.00 per hour, per man and we have excellent references. This is an excellent service for anyone who is looking for an educated gardener to maintain an estate, large yard, or anyone who travels and may need occasional help. We do not provide lawn service.

Public Speaking and “Lunch and Learns”: I offer a number of training classes for all seasons and topics. In addition to being a Master Gardner and trained professional, I am certified in Oak Wilt Training and Water Conservation and specialize in native and adapted low water planting. If you or your organization is interested in having me as a speaker for parties of 15 or more, I offer this service for free in exchange for the opportunity to promote my services.

*These services can also be given as a gift in the form of a Gift Certificate in any denomination. This is an excellent gift for a new home owner, the person who has everything and novice gardeners alike. 

For examples of my work please visit and “like” my facebook page at Lisa’s Landscape and Design for frequent updates, and for some helpful information, plant selection and instruction, please visit and subscribe to me on my YouTube channel .

Please contact me for an appointment at or call me at (512) 733-7777, I will forward to hearing from you!

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