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Lisa’s List of Services

Educational Landscape Consultations: Here is an area of some confusion and I want to be very clear..EVERYONE WHO OWNS A HOME SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE! An educational consultation with a trained, educated professional is an opportunity for you to discuss landscape problems, organic gardening, tree, shrub and plant care, veggie and fruit tree care and …

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To Trim or Not to Trim?

This is a question I hear often and it is has an important answer. There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to Fall /Winter trimming  and I know from my own experience that most trimming done in the Fall/Winter is not done for the right reason. Landscape companies have little work …

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Tree Trimming

Thinking you are in need of some tree trimming?? Before you begin, there are some very important points to mention. First, if you have Oak Trees, read my blog about “Oak Wilt”  before you do any trimming and always follow the tips I give for your Oak tree trimming without fail.  As for all your other …

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