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Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time

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Saving The Planet One Yard at a Time

A concept that started with a rather bitter seed has grown into something beautiful and so much bigger than myself. For many years I have known the Planet needed saving but I wasn’t exactly sure how anyone would go about it. It was rough for me to see the way people seemed to have lost sight of …

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Mulch, It’s Not Just Pretty

Mulch is a very undervalued commodity in our garden space. This is one of those area’s where I seem to get the most resistance. You will hear me say, 4″to 6″ over and over again as I speak about gardening. There is a very valuable reason for this. Most of us have yards that have …

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Organic Much? Liquid Seaweed is a Great Start!

Among the many available organic fertilizers now on the market, liquid seaweed extract is certainly one of the most beneficial. This is because it is not only a plant food, but it effectively works as a biostimulant (stimulates the biological process in plants and soil) and a soil conditioner as well. Yet, many gardeners still …

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Holiday Gifting the Natural Way

This season wouldn’t it be nice to give a gift that is really special for the person you are thinking of? More than ever, we need a little nature for nurture and houseplants, patio plants and seasonal perennials and gardening tools are a great start. Let’s take our holiday gift giving back to nature. The …

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