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Lisa’s List of Services

Educational Landscape Consultations: Here is an area of some confusion and I want to be very clear..EVERYONE WHO OWNS A HOME SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE! An educational consultation with a trained, educated professional is an opportunity for you to discuss landscape problems, organic gardening, tree, shrub and plant care, veggie and fruit tree care and …

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Hiring a Professional Landscaper

A professional can be all sorts of things depending on the area of expertise. For example, you can be a good golfer, but it doesn’t mean that you’re a professional. A professional is someone who specializes in a particular area and the same is true with landscaping. You can be pretty darn good a many …

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Check me out on facebook

If you are on facebook, or have been thinking about it, be sure to check out my facebook page at “Lisa’s Landscape and Design“. I post everything gardening from helpful tips, pictures, articles of interest, tons of plant photos and even pictures of my own yard for you to view. It is a great place …

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