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Educational Landscape Consultations: Here is an area of some confusion and I want to be very clear..EVERYONE WHO OWNS A HOME SHOULD HAVE ONE OF THESE! An educational consultation with a trained, educated professional is an opportunity for you to discuss landscape problems, organic gardening, tree, shrub and plant care, veggie and fruit tree care and …

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Crepe Myrtles with Aphids? It’s a “Sticky Situation”.

I was inspired to write this blog after a number of emails and queries about what many of us in the garden biz politely refer to as “Honey Dew”. Honey Dew is basically a kinder term for the sugar laden Aphid “leavings”,  or the many other terms one could use for the sappy mess that …

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Beneficial Bugs “Get to know your friends”

Beneficial insects play a very important role in our biological warfare. One of the best reasons to employ the bug world  to fight your pest fights is that chemical insecticides in the form of a broad spray or granular broadcast kill the good guys and can make matters worse.  It has also been shown that …

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Pesticide, Schmesticide (Integrated Pest Management)

The encyclopedia definition of a Pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling or mitigating any pest. The definition of “Cide“..Killer. Now we need to think about that for a minute…Who exactly are we killing? This blog was inspired by my having repeatedly seen neighbors with pest control services with …

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