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8 Reasons to Love Your “Full Sun” Yard

I know many people may think that just because you and your lawn really hate the Central Texas heat and blazing sun that plants would struggle too. After 20 years in the industry I still love designing full sun spaces because the possibilities never end.

1) Full sun landscape beds are the easiest when it comes to plant selection. There is an incredible collection of full sun plants to choose from in an incredible array of colors and textures. Replacing your burned out lawn with xeriscape beds allow you to conserve water by using native and adapted full sun plants. Beds near your foundation also help protect your foundation from cracking in our extremes here in Texas. Who would have thought there would be so many xeriscape plants to choose from?

This should have been 1 though 10 just for the plants you get to choose from, but wait… there’s more!

2) you can grow food! Tomatoes, peppers, herbs, fruit trees, grapes, raspberries, blackberries and so much more grow beautifully in the sun and allowing space for a veggie bed can be a great way of using a full sun space to your advantage.

3) Specimen trees. Specimen trees are really any type of fancy tree that does “tricks” as it were throughout the year or at a particular growing season. They are planted singularly or in mass for affect. The best selection are sun to part sun trees and below are just a few.

4) Opportunities for shade where “you” want to sit. If you buy a home with trees on one side and sun on the other, your shade spot has already been designated for you. If you have a sun yard, you can choose your own trees. There are many great shade trees including fruit that can be found on the Texas A&M website.


Be careful not to overplant your shade trees or you will have a shade garden in about 10 years and you will be replacing your landscape as well.

5) Less fungal issues than those with shade: fungus is caused by moisture and that is hard to trap in the sun.

6) Less mosquito problems and more mosquito repelling plant choices. Plants like citronella, garlic, chives, onions, basil, thyme, lemon grass, lemon balm, mint, Oregano and rosemary , or really any plant that has a pungent smell will throw off your scent and derail those awful mosquitoes.

7) Vitamin D! It is a fact that most people do not get enough sunshine or vitamin D since many work in an office building spend time running errands from buildings to a car. A sunny spot in the yard might be just what you need to re-energize.


This is my husband and our youngest son (middle) with high functioning Autism. Both of our boys are Autistic and we have continued to shared our story about how gardening has been a great therapy for all of us. Always wear protection; sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, gloves and good shoes make for a better gardening experience over all.

8) Pergola and sun shades! What better way to add color, charm or elegance than with a pergola, umbrella or sun shade? All of these are excellent options for the full sun garden to accentuate or designate the seating area/s.

So stop cursing your hot sun yard and embrace the many opportunities that are available to you on your “sunny side of the street”.

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