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This is great time to think about getting a professional landscape consultant to give you some new idea’s, plant suggestions, tips on organic gardening and more. As a consultant I use the time purchased by my clients to educate them on their entire property. There is a wealth of information a professional with my 20 plus years of Central Texas gardening experience and education can provide to you. I am a Master Gardener, a certified Oak Wilt specialist, Certified Landscape Designer and Water Conservationist who specializes in native and adapted low water, low maintenance, organic gardens.  I have designed over 100 spaces and there are never two designs or Consultations alike. Each space is unique and each design is personal.

IMG_1014 copy

A little piece of heaven.

From Contemporary Modern, to English Garden or Tuscan, allow me to help you design the space you are excited to come home to. A consultation can get you on the right track to understanding your timing costs and overall concept. If the project is too large, a landscape design might be a better solution and the cost of the consult goes towards your design.

Before you hire a landscape installer, hire a landscape design consultant because just because someone knows how to use a shovel doesn’t mean they know plants. Allow me to use my 20 years experience with native and adapted landscape plants, 15 years of hardscape and plant installation and money saving techniques to save you thousand on your next bid by teaching you the tricks of the trade. Rather it be plant selection, soil, lawn care, shrub or tree maintenance and instruction, or just looking for inspiration and design ideas there are a number of solutions that may be right for you. I can teach you helpful hints about water conservation, native and adaptive plant selections or simply give direction on what is the fastest most inexpensive way to hide an unsightly neighbor or defuse noise.


I love this shot, it is a great view from the top of the hill to the seating area below. I have used a combination of TX perennials with seasonal annuals to make a statement of color with leaves in a really dark space.


Being a landscape designer, installer, educator and consultant allows me to create clever solutions to your problems in addition to providing an educational experience so you will get a thoughtfully designed and artistic solution, not just a functional one. I am not there to sell you anything, my job is to teach you to do it yourself or to help you decide what to hire out and how to bid a project. I am teaching you to discern and articulate what you need without the expectation of making a sale, no one else can offer you that as most landscape companies are on your property to sell you a bill of goods, not to teach you about your land. I began my business as a personal gardener taking care of large xeriscape properties in addition to my own Xerophytic gardens that consist of native and adapted plants and trees and rains barrels and I grow much of my own food so I have personally done the work for many years and I know how its done and how long it takes. This helps me show you how to do it and what to expect.


This Coral Bean is a great example of a single trunk shrub that can be trimmed into a multi-trunk specimen tree.

My fee is $350 in person to a limited area and $225 through Zoom for the Austin and surrounding area including Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos Wimberly, Oak Hill and Dripping Springs. The cost is well worth it considering how much I will save you from making costly mistakes! My motto is that “I am saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”. With good stewardship and organic protocols we can repair the damage that’s been done and plant for the future. I would love it if everyone in the world had a garden space to enjoy, some of you will tend it yourself and the others will employ passionate people like myself. You can reach me at to make an appointment, or call me at (512)733-7777.

I think it is important though that if you don’t call me, (and I hope you do) call someone. Everyone who owns a home should be knowledgeable and responsible about their land, there is a wealth of free information and passionate people like me who would love to help.

For samples of my work click here.

Happy Gardening!!

Lisa LaPaso

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” Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”

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“In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.” — Kozuko Okakura


  1. David Cullen

    I am very interested in eventually having all native or adapted plants in my yard. I have a new baby, so it’ll be put on hold for a while. I live in Cedar Park, TX and inherited a lot of roses when we moved in. Most died despite my best efforts. I didn’t have a passion for something high maintenance requiring copious water, fertilizer, and fungus treatments. I like the environment too and am in the environmental profession. So we ripped out all the rises with the exception of four Knockouts. I have always used organic stuff in the yard, with exception of occasional Roundup to spot treat SPARINGLY weeds that pop up ONLY in our gravel hardscape area. Weeds in beds I pull our by hand or shovel. Anyway, very interesting YouTube and blog posts! Very pretty yard in the worst one-year drought in recorded history! I look forward to any pointers you have for a cost-effective low maintenance sustainable garden.

    • Hi David, Thanks for the support and I would be happy to meet with you when you have some time (Congrats on the new baby!!) Consultations are an excellent value and we cover a lot of info in a short time. Basic rule is to begin with the soil and end with the right plants. You can find a great list of plants I have compiled over the last 20 years that do very well in Cen Tx on my facebook page at Lisa’s Landscape & Design. In the mean time, continue to take in all the information you can 😉

      • David Cullen

        I had a couple Knockout roses die on me out in front (same spot) in the last couple years. I sent a couple samples of soil 6-12 inches deep to the Tx Ag Extension Service to get it tested, and they basically said it was high in phosphorus. Not much help. That is normal for this area. I only use organic methods (compost, organic fertilizer) and don’t over or underwater them. I am perplexed two hardy Knockouts would die so suddenly(?). Any ideas? I have 4 Knockouts left that I planted (only Roses I left after taking out the other “trash” roses in my opinion the previous owner planted). They are doing great. I have some natives/adapted mixed in that were here already. But I also inherited the infamous old school Red Tip Fotinia, Jasmine, and Ligustrum that need hedging. If I ever have the budget, my dream is to rip out all the St. Augustine and have an entire garden of natives. We have a voluntary HOA, so may be able to do that no problem. I get complements on the yard, but I don’t enjoy the mowing or hedging. Good exercise, but I’d rather enjoy the garden for its beauty and occasionally trim and pull weeds, rather than it be a weekly/biweekly TASK that doesn’t do anything for the environment. I do top dress lawn with compost, which helps. When we lived in San Antonio, there were just a couple bushes. Through the help of a Nativescapes designer, we planted a native/adapted garden, which I was proud of. Neighbors liked it. Then we moved here and inherited the “traditional” manicured yard. Harder to start over with an existing yard. I still miss my San Antonio yard. Anyway. I appreciate all you do and get inspiration from your posts. Thanks again!


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