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Flowers for bees

Bee Friendly Flowers, Austin and Zone 8

Mexican Bush Sage, Lisa LaPaso

Mexican Bush Sage

There is a wealth of flowering plants that provide food for bees each spring through late summer and fall. Planting a variety of flowering plants is essential for ensuring that they have food throughout the seasons. Here are some of my favorite bee friendly flowers. 

Texas Dandelion, Lisa LaPaso

Texas Dandelion

Dandelions are the very first flower for bees every spring so don’t mow them and encourage reseeding in your perennial beds. 

Kidneywood Tree, Lisa LaPaso

Kidneywood Tree

Kidneywood is so covered in bees during the summer that the tree dances with movement. 

Fall Aster, Lisa LaPaso

Fall Aster

Fall Aster is a favorite among bees and butterflies.

Mexican Honeysuckle Bush

Mexican Honeysuckle Bush

Walkers Low Catmint, Lisa LaPaso

Walkers Low Catmint

Moonflower with honeybee

Moonflower Datura

Texas Sage, Lisa LaPaso

Texas Sage

Fragrant White Mistflower , Lisa LaPaso

Fragrant White Mistflower

Bee Balm, Lisa LaPaso

Bee Balm

Mexican Oregano

Mexican Oregano

Mexican Plum, Lisa LaPaso

Mexican Plum Tree

Mountain Laurel, Lisa LaPaso

Mountain laurel tree

Redbud Tree, Lisa LaPaso

Redbud tree

Flowering Cilantro , Lisa LaPaso

Flowering Cilantro

Thryallis, Lisa LaPaso

Thryallis, Showers of Gold

Creeping Phlox

Pink Creeping Phlox

Blackfoot Daisy

Blackfoot Daisy

Home Run Rose

Salvia Greggi (White)

Blue Mistflower

Gregg’s blue mist flower

Echinacea Purple cone flower

Echinacea purple coneflower

Texas Lantana

Texas Lantana

Esperanza. Yellow Bells, Lisa LaPaso

Yellow Bells Esperanza

These are just some of the beautiful Texas native and adapted plants that are low water, low maintenance and perennial. By planting a diverse group of flowers for bees, you are also cultivating a buffet of color and texture you can enjoy all year. 

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape and Design

”Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time “

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