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White Mistflower

White Mistflower

Fragrant White Mistflower, Shrubby Boneset

White Mistflower, fragrant, sun to shade, low water, deer resistant.

One of my favorite Texas native plants is the  for so many reasons Fragrant White Mistflower. Aptly named for its beautiful fragrance and also known as White Mistflower, Shrubby Boneset, or Havana Snakeroot. It’s an interesting plant with furry white flowers and deep green leaves that is semi evergreen and quite interesting in the landscape.

Easy Care

Super low water and little to no maintenance, it’s a great choice from sun to shade. Growing to 3-6’ tall and 2-3’ wide, it’s a beautiful plant on its own or planted as a grouping. 

Fragrant White Mistflower, Shrubby Boneset

White Mistflower Boneset

Incredibly Fragrant 

White Mistflower blooms a couple times from late summer to fall. The blooms start with these little buds that eventually become prolific furry flower sets that are very aromatic.

White Mistflower, Shrubby Boneset

Covering the entire shrub, the showy white flowers make a huge display of color against interesting green foliage. This is an excellent choice for part sun to shade gardens and does very well in sun with a little more help.

Loved by Bees, Hummingbirds and Butterflies 

This deer resistant plant is unique from flower to stem. It’s a major attraction for butterflies and native bees and the fragrance is an excellent addition to any patio or seating area. 

Great Addition to any Garden

Fragrant White Mistflower, Shrubby Boneset

 A beautiful, mounding background to a variety of color or shades of green, the textural interest and unique shape of the leaves stand out in any landscape.This plant is great as  specimen or planted in mass.Fragrant White Mistflower, Shrubby Boneset

If you would like help finding native and adapted plants and trees for the Central Texas landscape, contact me for an educational Consultation, or complete Landscape Deisgn at I specialize in xerophytic gardens that make the most of layering plants and trees instead of just rock and cactus. 

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Lisa’s Landscape and Design

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