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Landscape Design for Austin and Zone 8

Right off the bat I want to say how exciting it is for me to have provided Landscape Consultations and Landscape Designs for 20 years in Central Texas. My work never gets boring with such a diverse native and adapted plant pallet. I love creating Landscape Designs for Austin and all of zone 8.

Xeriscape landscape by poolside

Over the years I’ve found that there are solutions for just about every landscape situation. However, challenges like topography, deer and low annual rainfall make it even more important to know where to begin.

This is Xeriscape 

Low water, edible and perennial landscape

Xeriscape means low water landscape, it doesn’t have to mean cactus. Planting like the rainforest with thoughtful layering is what makes a landscape lush and drought tolerant. 

Xeriscape gardening and design

Deer Resistant 

With a unique body of both edible and floral plants and trees, we’re not all locked into a particular look. I like the opportunities to introduce as much plant diversity as I can without creating a need for more maintenance and there are some simple rules to follow to make the most of the plants you choose. 

Deer resistant landscape design

Deer resistant landscape, Austin

I designed the space above for both deer resistance and evergreen properties. This is a predominantly shady/part sun  spot so it’s also important to plant for the correct sunlight. 

Interesting Plants for Sun to Shade

Below, I designed this garden for deep shade and deer resistance as well as low water and low maintenance. Low maintenance means you’ve properly chosen the right size plant or tree and placed it in a suitable space that allows it to grow to maturity. 

Xeriscape Landscape design for shade

Take photos of your space at various times of the day to see exactly how much sunlight your space gets. Full sun plants need at least 6 hours of sun, part sun generally prefer morning sun and shade means shade or filtered light only. 

The space below is half sun and half shade. The goal here was to marry the whole space with plants and hardscape.

Low water, xeriscape design


Below is a narrow space in need of privacy. This is where a knowledge of plants and growth habits are crucial for success. Hiring an educated Landscape Designer for challenging spaces is a huge asset over all. 

Evergreen landscape design for privacy

Structural interest should be enhanced by the landscape, not taken over by it.


Landscapes in Austin often require clever solutions and they need to provide feature as well as function. Using primarily local stone and native plants allow us to quickly tie into the Hill Country landscape that makes Austin so special. 

Rock and stone landscape design

Cantilever Bridge suspended on Metal Poles give the illusion of floating steps over a dry creek bed.

Clever design requires clever solutions that make sense for the client and the home. Our topography requires a lot of drainage solutions and they need to make sense with the home and the landscape. 

Landscape design for drainage

Design to the Style of the Home,

With an Eye Towards the Future

Xeriscape design for Texas hill country

Modifying a Mid Century home, with a modern, I Hill Country Design brings this beautiful space back to life. 

Modern Landscape Design

Unique Plants and Trees

I use my 20 years of experience in the Texas landscape to design with the most unique plants and trees for sun to shade. I design with only native and adapted plant for the best chance at success.

Desert Willow Tree for low water

Desert willow, 

Examples of My Landscape Designs

Who am I?

Lisa LaPaso, Landscape Designer,Austin

I am a Master Gardener, certified Landscape Designer, and water conservationist who is well versed in the Central Texas landscape. Not only do I know the plants, I have worked with them through 17 years of installations and my full service maintenance programs. I love what I do and it shows. 

Contact Me

If you’re interested in a thoughtful, educational forward Landscape Design for Austin and the surrounding area, contact me at, or text or call me @512-733-7777.

I look forward to hearing from you, 

Lisa LaPaso

”Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”

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