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5 Best Gardening Resolutions for the New Year

The new year signals a fresh start and many of us make promises we hope to keep. That being said, I have some easy solutions to positive gardening changes that will be fail safe accomplishments for the new year.

Xeriscape landscape design Austin

Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse

More than ever, it’s important to stop the garbage train. We need to find long term purpose for everything we buy and be creative to keep them from the landfill. Sustainable gardening isn’t just about protecting the earth with organics, it’s also about making the most of our garden with practical choices. 

Xeriscape landscape design, Austin

Retire an old headboard.

Patio and landscape design Austin

Buy limestone and local river rock which are cheaper to buy and haven’t been trucked across the country. Salvage old patio furniture by repainting it to last for years.

Xeriscape, Design, Austin

Make a bench from unused stone

Xeriscape, Design, Austin

Buy or make metal gates and trellis that can be used to add interest to the landscape and last for decades.

Patio and seating area

Recycle used furniture by painting new colors and using it in interesting ways.

Drought, tolerant, garden, and meditation. Space

Collect used materials that can be found for free on Craig’s list or neighborhood groups to design small spaces.

Go Organic

Organic fertilizers and treatments

Buy only organic fertilizer, weed killer and treatments of just about anything. These can be found at any big box store or local nursery. They’re cheaper and safer for you and the planet.

Organic weed and grass killer

There are many convenient, no mix solutions.

Organic weed control

To save money, but the solutions that need to be diluted.

Horticultural molasses organic fertilizer

Mycorrhizal fungi loves the sweet stuff and your garden can’t live without them.

Liquid seaweed organic fertilizer

Keep this on hand at all times as it’s an excellent all around fertilizer and cellular strengthening tool. 

Hasta Grow for plants, liquid feed

There are well balanced organics for lawn, trees, plants and pests, so pass by the chemical isle and seek them out. 

Compost, Compost, Compost 

Compost bins

You don’t have any excuses here because there are a slew of compost bins that can be purchased or hand made. 

This is your simple way of keeping food scraps out of the landfill.

Healthy soil amended with compost

In return for a little effort, you create this chocolate gold.

Bulk, organic compost

Compost should be used everywhere. If you don’t make your own, buy some from the local nurseries.

Bagged, organic compost

Reduce the Lawn

You need to expand your garden every chance you get. Reduce water hogging lawn and replace it with low water native and adapted plants and pervious cover.

Drought, tolerant, landscape, design

Remove all the grass or leave more intentional lawn space. 

Drought, tolerant, landscape, design

If you have shade and grass won’t grow at all, that’s your cue to convert to xeriscape beds. 

Xeriscape garden for shade

Reduce lawn by enlarging existing beds.

Xeriscape garden for poolside bed

Expand outdated beds with more creative solutions. 

Create sitting spaces that take up grass without the expense of plants. 

Xeriscape garden design

Buy ONLY Native and

Adapted Plants and Trees

Stop buying plants because they’re cute. It’s time we do our homework and everyone has a phone. Next time you see a plant, Google it! If it’s not for your hardiness zone, pass it up.

Edible and perennial landscape design

Perennial plants and edibles can create a landscape with all year interest. 

Flowering gopher plant

Gopher Plant

Make sure your plant choices are for our zone and are perennial which is far more sustainable.

Potted plants

Native and adapted plants make great potted plants too.

Flowering Century Plant

Century plant flower

There are a myriad of interesting plants in all shapes and sizes from sun to shade.

Flowering Shrimp Plant

Shrimp Plant, Lisa LaPaso

Shade plants can be lovely too. 

Fireman’s Cap Coral Bean, flowering

Fireman’s Cap Coralbean

Look for unusual plants and trees instead of the same, ol’ same ol’.

Kidneywood Tree in bloom

Kidneywood Tree

Native Flowering trees feed local bees and wildlife. 

Mountain Laurel in bloom

Mountain laurel tree

Grow More Food

Herb gardens don’t have to look like one. 

Harvest of assorted tomatoes

Tomatoes are abundant in the Central Texas garden and you’ve never tasted a better one than the one you grew yourself.

Harvest of pomegranate, apple and pears

Fruit trees do very well in Central Texas as long as they are for your hardiness zone, and chill hours. 

Assorted Pepper harvest

A typical fall crop of assorted peppers from as few as 3 to 5 plants

Try planting peppers, cruciferous plants, cucumbers, peas, beans, grapes and berries to name a few. Some will work and som won’t, but it will be fun trying. 

So, now you have some great ways to commit to positive change in the New Year. Not only are they simple, but they are powerful and effective in saving the planet one yard at a time. Cheers to new journeys in gardening and to making the new year better frost everyone. 

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape & Design 

“Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”


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