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Tropical Sage, Salvia coccinea

A Stunner in the Landscape 

Commonly known as Tropical Sage, Hummingbird Sage, or Scarlet Sage, this beauty sports brilliant red flowers with kelly green, heart shaped leaves. A native to hardiness zones 8-11, it is a sun to part shade, low water plant worth taking a second look at.  

Tropical sage

This beauty is a constant bloomer that starts in early spring and goes on until the first hard freeze.

Considered an annual after particularly harsh winters, it will reseed readily and make a comeback every spring. While it’s hardly invasive, it may require some management over the years, but I like that it will fill in empty spaces. 

Perfect for a Xeriscape garden in light conditions from full sun to part shade. Maturing at about 2’x 2’ish, it is a hummingbird magnet that creates drama in the landscape and makes a statement in mass. 

If you’d like help with a low water, low maintenance and deer resistant plant selections in the Austin and surrounding area, contact me for an online or in person Educational Consultation or browse my blog for more great choices. 

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape & Design

”Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”



  1. I just bought three at the San Marcos Discovery Center plant sale! I red and two pink ones, l think. They had one that was almost 4’ x4’ in the garden.

    • I’ve never seen such a thing in Austin but it may be that San Antonio doesn’t get as cold and they haven’t died back. I’m a big fan of them and keep them in pots when I find volunteers.

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