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Online or In Person Landscape Consultation, Austin and Zone 8

So let’s just get right to it, the last many years have been a real eye-opener when it comes to how we do business and where our priorities lie.

Being the mother of two young adult sons with autism, a Landscape Designer and Educational Consultant for the last 20 years in Central Texas, I am well versed in adjustments. That being said, I am more determined than ever to accomplish both at the highest levels.

Right now that means I provide services both in-person and online to all of hardiness zone 8. Not only does this allow me to safely continue to do what I love, but for you that means you still get a high quality service at a great price.

A46CC1A8-F801-40E9-AB52-AF2BA79E8B5CI charge $225 for a 30 minute zoom call and a detailed write up including concept sketches and a list of plants you can use in your space. In person visits range from $295-$350+

Here’s What You Get Online

*30-40 minute zoom call to discuss details 
*An educated plant list based on your color and textural preferences 
*A detailed Information and Instructions sheet that covers timing, watering, planting, organic protocols and my favorite nurseries, dirt and rock sources. 
* My Design 101 sheet that helps you select and layout plants on your own planting grid by using a square foot method of design. 
* Photo examples of my material and hardscape recommendations. 
*Unlimited after the service email access through the process and completion.
(If you feel like your project would be better served with an “in person” consultation, I provide in person Educational and Design Consultation to a limited area ranging from $295-$375 for a 30 minute “walk and talk“, followed by the same consultation detail as the online version.)

With either service, this is an opportunity for the client to ask questions of a professional landscape contractor/designer with over 20 years experience in the Central Texas Landscape.

Before and After using your provided photos…

Moreover, you probably have no idea how many stunning flowers and edible plants that really thrive here and are also native and adapted, low water and deer resistant (when needed). My focus is on education for Wildlife friendly gardens and sustainable practices.

Unique Plant Selections 

Instructions and Information 

Finally, I send you photo examples of solutions and a basic idea of how to approach them on the budget you have to work with. I’ll also provide examples that speak to your style and the style of your home.

Here are the best candidates for 0nline Consultation

* Anyone who likes to do it yourself. DIY!

* Those few weird spots in the yard you can’t seem to get to grow.

* Continued lawn problems, erosion, or drainage issues who can capture these events on video for discussion.

* Homeowners with a predominantly flat yard and a clean pallet, looking for some Design direction. 

* Wise investors who would like to learn more about their existing plants, trees, lawn, watering and general maintenance.

* A new home owner who doesn’t know what’s actually living in their yard, or what they want to keep or remove.

* If you’re looking to sell a home and would like to know how to give it a quick makeready facelift, for a quick sale.

* Those taking bids on the work to be done, but would like a designer’s opinion on which materials to use.

* Anyone who’s feeling discouraged in their Central Texas landscape and would like to get excited about it again.



Details of the Online Consultation Service

For a recap on what you can expect from this service…

* 30 minute Zoom call (including provided email photo and video supported documentation)

* A detailed write up of our conversation including photo examples and or appropriate websites for accurate and detailed information.

* A custom plant list based on your specific light needs. All of the recommended plants are low water, low maintenance, deer resistance upon request, and perennial native or adapted plants.

* A detailed write up of general information and instructions on planting such as technique, timing, watering, soil preparation and lawn care. This will also include my organic protocols and local nurseries that carry the plants I recommend.

* A rough sketch of the concept we discussed as shown above.

* My recently added “Design by the Foot” diagram that shows you how to allocate plants properly.

*Unlimited email access through and after the project is complete.

* Photos of all of my recommended materials such as stone color and shape, river rock and patio stone, metal edging and water features, as well as seating, fire pits, and so much more.

Here are some examples of my work

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Online Consultations are provided Monday through Friday from 8 AM to noon. You can contact me at for an online or in person appointment to get started on the space you imagined.

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape and Design

”Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”


  1. sandi

    I have used Lisa’s expertise in a consult when we first moved to TX. She saved us lots of $$ & we have a lawn & drainage & planting beds we are proud of—she doesn’t fool around or waste your time. Some of the best $$ I ever spent. She is amazing & a very nice person.


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