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Blue Flowers for the Central Texas Landscape

I am a fan of blue because it is a calming, peaceful color. Additionally, I have two boys on the Autism spectrum, one who is Aspergers and the other that is somewhere on the spectrum of “awesometisticness”. We celebrate our uniqueness by “lighting it up blue” every April and by planting a new blue flower or seeds like Morning Glories and Balloon Flowers. 
With so few plants that are truly blue, these are some great blue flowers for Central Texas landscape.

Balloon Flower

Ballon Flowers are special to me because my Grandpa LaPaso loved them. During one of my last visits with him he passed on some seeds and every year when it returns I know he’s smiling at me. This plant is best suited for a pot in Central Texas where you can control the moisture. It does well in morning sun.

A no brainer in Central Texas is the state flower, the Texas Bluebonnet. While it’s an annual, only blooming in early to late spring, it is well worth the space. This plant must go to seed for new blooms next spring. This means it is very important to let the seeds dry and fall off naturally to allow a future bloom, or you can save the dried seeds and plant the following fall. Bluebonnet’s need full sun and grow up to 2’.

Blue Plumbago

Blue Plumbago

Blue plumbago is a beautiful plant that I love to use in both sun and part shade. They can be quite large even growing up to 3 feet tall and wide. I am in love with their delicate leaf structure and bright green color that add to the interest of any landscape. They are low water and very adaptable in most conditions and require minimal maintenance. A deciduous perennial that is cold hardly and deer resistant. A great choice from hardiness zones 8-11.

Black and Blue Sage

Black and Blue Salvia

Black and Blue Salvia is a shade to part sun plant that ranges from dark blue to almost black in color. Typically reaching 2 x 2’ tall and wide, it is a prolific bloomer and spreader in the landscape. Deer resistant as a true sage family member is, and super low water and minimal maintenance for hardiness zones 7-10.

Blue Rambler Rose

The Blue Rambler Rose is a low maintenance climbing rose that ranges in color from mauve to blue as it blooms and fades. Very low maintenance and low water once established, reaching up to 12’ to 15’. As an exception to most roses that require full sun, this beauty can thrive in a part sun space making it very adaptable. Primarily evergreen in hardiness zones 5-9. 

Skyflower Duranta, Golden Dewdrop

Skyflower Duranta is a stunning bouquet of deep blue to purple flowers that cascade from the stem like grapes on a vine. Eventually producing yellow berries in late summer, it’s a great addition to any full to part sun landscape. For hardiness zone 8/b (deciduous) to 11. 

Deep Blue, Bearded Iris.

Bearded Iris are an excellent xeriscape plant for Central Texas. In shades of blues, purples, pinks, white and yellow, this deer resistant plant is a super low maintenance, low water plant that stays evergreen all year. Most bloom each spring but there are some varieties of repeat bloomers, so look for options where available.

Gregg’s Blue Mistflower is an obvious choice for blue flower lovers. Aside from its funky blue flowers that look like something from a Dr Seuss book, they are butterfly magnets. Attractive to Monarch and Queen Butterflies, they are a whimsical plant that stays low and wide. Low water once established, preferring sun to part shade. 

Indigo Spires and Mystic Sage (above) are two purple/blue flowers everyone should have. Repeat blooms from from spring to fall with tall spikes of striking flower displays. Full sun lovers that attract wildlife, they are worth finding and enjoying even though they’re deciduous in the winter. Indigo Spires reaches 3+ feet tall and wide while it’s little sister the Mystic Spires stays put around 2 x 2.

Spider Wort

Spider Wort

Spider Wort is actually a weed in Central Texas and for that reason can also take over a space if you let it. With bright blue flowers at the end of long temps and narrow leaves, it’s an interesting plant from sun to shade. Super low water and minimal maintenance but can require some management. 

Maynight Salvia

Maynight Salvia is one of my favorite plants to use in designs because it’s incredibly versatile as a border plant or specimen. Sporting deep blue flower spikes from dark green leaves, this compact plant packs a punch in the landscape. 1.5 w x 1’ t, super low water and suitable from sun to part shade, resistant to deer and rabbits. Best for hardiness zones 4-8, semi-evergreen.

Last, but certainly not least, the Blue Agapanthus, or “Lily of the Nile” is a flowering bulb that blooms a couple times in the spring and summer then leaves behind long leaves of bright green that add interesting texture in shade to sun gardens. Deer resistant and low water.

These are some of my favorite blue flowers for the Central Texas Landscape. So the best time you’re “feeling blue”, plant some flowers to cheer you up!

Happy Gardening!

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape and Design

”Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”


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