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Flowering Cinco de Mayo rose

Cinco de Mayo Rose

Rosa “Cinco de Mayo “ shrub rose is a mounding shaped bush that boasts striking mauvy/orange flowers with velvety texture and an almost glow in the dark luminescence. 

Cinco De Mayo Rose, full sun and low maintenance repeat bloomer.

Low Water, Low Maintenance 

This rose is special because it’s a super low water, disease resistant plant that is perfect for a xeriscape garden. Roses don’t like their leaves watered so infrequent or drip line watering is ideal for this rock star shrub.

Cinco De Mayo Rose

Excellent Cutting Flower

Lightly fragrant, with deep green foliage and newly red leaves and stems. A floribunda rose that produces literal bouquets of flowers that make excellent cut arrangements.

Cinco de Mayo rose

Compact Shape

The best place for this garden jewel is in well composted soil with plenty of room to grow to 3 x 3’. It thrives in sun to part sun conditions.

A Showstopper 

A beautiful rose planted in mass, hedgerow or as a specimen. Roses should be planted a little high and covered well with compost and mulch. Provide regular water until established, then occasional water during drought periods . 

It’s easy to see why I love this shrub. We’re fortunate to have a number of easy care, low water roses that do very well in Central Texas. However, deer think they’re delicious so plant accordingly. 

Roses are typically available in late winter or early spring, but keep your eye out for this one. This is an outstanding performer in the low water landscape and I highly recommend it to my clients for low maintenance and maximum impact. 

Know Your Zone

Always look for Earth Kind, or low water, heirloom and disease resistant roses. Always choose plants for your hardiness zone. Clearly, roses are an excellent way to add color and seasonal interest and a bonus of fresh cut flowers!

If you’d like help finding native or adapted, low water and low maintenance plants and trees for anywhere in Hardiness zone 8a/b, contact me at I provide  online Educational Consultation or Landscape Design and in person to a limited Austin area..  

Now go get your rose garden on,

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape and Design 

“ Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”

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