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Walker’s Low Catmint

I found this little jewel about 15 years ago by accident and I was very happy to see it become quite popular since then. Over the last 20 years I have designed and installed hundreds of homes using hundreds of plants and trees from sun to shade. This year is a whole new level of landscape design in Austin Texas. Why? Because now we realize that to live in Austin means the plants and trees we choose need to survive from 10° to 110° and sometimes, within days.

Walker’s Low Catmint, sun to part sun, evergreen, 2 x 2

My mission from the conception of this blog is bring awareness to the plants and trees that are not only native and adapted, but low water and low maintenance. We have other things to do and our gardens should be working for us more than we work for it, or we’re doing it wrong. 

Silver green, leathery foliage is accompanied by tall spikes of fragrant, lavender blue flowers throughout the spring and summer months. It’s Evergreen beauty transitions through the winter and quickly produce blooms again in early spring.

Deer and bunny resistant and a great value towards textural interest and effortless beauty. The tall flower spikes are lovely in floral arrangements and are a huge attraction to native bees and butterflies. Excellent for xeriscape beds and pots for dramatic affect. 

Landscape design with texture and color

Walker’s Low Catmint with red Drift Roses and white Yarrow.

This plant is beautiful as a specimen, planted in mass or cascading from a wall or terracing. It is a low mounding perennial that reaches to around 2 ‘w x 1.5 ‘ish, when mature. Very little water once established and little to no maintenance to maintain its beautiful look. It can be cut back very easily if used near pathways and it’s minty scent is a mosquito deterrent, to boot. Dutifully serving hardiness zones 4-9, it’s worth making some room next season for this lavender lovely.


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”Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time’

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