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White Mistflower, “Shrubby White Boneset”

While many have seen its relative “Blue Mistflower”, this fragrant white variety will be a new favorite too. I use White Mistflower, or Shrubby White Boneset, from full sun to mostly shade, and this evergreen beauty is well worth the real estate in a low water landscape.


A native the Central Texas and the Edwards Plateau, this Incredibly fragrant, semi evergreen shrub is beautiful as a specimen or planted in mass.


One of our important pollinator plants, it has a funky Dr. Seuss looking flower that stands out in the landscape. It is also really effective planted in mass not just for its look but for the scent that permeates the space. Considered semi-evergreen for its quick comeback after a freeze, and even after the harshest winter she bounces right back.


White Mistflower works great in pots as well alone or planted in groupings of color.


White Mistflower, fragrant, sun to shade, low water, deer resistant.

This woody perennial plant is super low water once established, flowering off and on through the summer with fuzzy white bouquets and a beautiful texture in shaded spaces for affect. Next season, find a new spot to give this little gem a try. Give it at least 3’ in Central Texas and some can reach to 6’ tall over time.

Native to Texas and a great choice for all of hardiness zone 8-10, excellent for a moonlight garden or pollination bed and much like it’s blue counterpart, is a showy butterfly and bee attraction. 

Happy Gardening!

Lisa LaPaso

”Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”

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