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Yes, you heard me! if you are in Central Texas and are part of the 8 a/b hardiness zone, you can now have a Custom Landscape Design by a low water, low maintenance landscape specialist, ONLINE! Over the past couple of years as I’ve transitioned my 16 year old business from a full service landscape installation and design company to a design and consulting business, I have realized that while everyone should have an educated landscaper and plant specialist help them with an intelligent design, not everyone needs me to be in their yard to design it.


Many times the client will need me on the property to fully grasp complicated topography, a tragic neighbors view, soil and tree maintenance, or complications that cannot be translated from a photo. However, if you’re just looking to fill a small, relatively flat space with full sun or full shade, if you have builders beds or custom raised beds you’re not happy with, your money could be better spent with a simple sketch and general direction. For a little more than a consultation fee you can have a plant layout and instruction list. Small projects like this one can cost just a little more than a consult.


The sketch above is a courtyard space and perfect for this service. Below, was a pricier version because of its shape and existing challenges. Stone walls were built in very odd places and included at least a 1/2 dozen substrates, so the goal was to include existing plants and make some sense of the space. Now, this will be a meandering garden with butterflies and hummingbirds including food for people and a reason to go to the back of this odd triangular space.


Many times a simple color visual and plant quantities are all that’s needed for success. All of my designs are drawn to scale and plants are designed to leave room between each plant when grown.

Below are examples of more detailed designs and the size of the space to be planted will determine the final cost. The first example is an average sized space with similar shady light conditions which is complicated by its small list of available plants. The second is almost entirely sun and though a bit larger, is an easier design to fill with such a vast list of plants to choose from.

Lisa’s Landscape and Design, custom hand drawn design by Lisa LaPaso

Basic instructions and a plant list can send you in the right direction for bidding and execution.

If you are out of my service area and need a full design for an empty pallet, this is also great solution. With some simple measurements from you and a copy of your survey, I can accomplish a lot from a photo.

 Give me a rectangle and I’ll redesign it a thousand ways, but I also take on the unique layouts by making optimal use of the space. I need your measurements, a light schedule, an approved plant list and a survey and I can create custom, educated garden magic, in cyberspace.

Each drawing is done by hand and customized to your specifications on color, texture, home style and lifestyle.

The average smallish, online design ranges from $500 to $750 and worth every penny when you think of how much you can save by choosing the right plants. You can also ask about a package deal with additional consultation time online or by text for while you’re going through the process of bidding and execution.


Lisa LaPaso

Designs need to be well thought out for a myriad of reasons. Not only do you need a cohesive concept throughout the space, but you need to account for the light each space will get. You can’t plant for the tropics (wet shade) on the left and the desert (dry sun) on the right. Many yards have mixed light conditions and you need to know where this happens to create a cohesive plant pallet throughout. Many plants can tolerate both and it takes years of experience to know that.

Lisa’s Landscape and Design, Lisa LaPaso

Lisa LaPaso

A well thought out design has your favorite colors and textures in a space where you can live, entertain, relax and enjoy nature. It needs to be functional, yet creative while allowing you to travel through the space effortlessly. With a background in art, 20 years as a personal gardener, a Certified  Master Gardener and professional landscape installer and designer, I am well versed in what you’ll need to complete the job to the end.

Lisa LaPaso

A thoughtful design also includes your topography and drainage. If a section of your yard is wet, that bed needs to include like minded plants. If your preference is cacti, you cannot plant wet footed trees, and so on. The plant pallet should complement the client and the home while, symbiotically complementing one another.

Lisa LaPaso

Lastly, a design should be unique and imaginative as well as functional. It should include only native and adapted, non invasive, low water plants and trees. It should be deer resistant where needed and it should compliment our natural flora. Mother Nature already had a plan for Central Texas Xeriscape so all I have to do is find the right plants for you and your needs and I love a challenge. There are a lot of great ways to turn something bland into something extraordinary.

Lisa LaPaso


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Here are the best candidates for this service:

If you have builders beds or raised beds that you want reworked.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer and you just need some general directions and plant recommendations.

If you plan to hire a service and want to be sure you’re choosing the right plants for the job (that’s all I do).

If you are looking for only native and adapted plants for small or large spaces.

If you would like to have an accurate list of your plants with planting instructions including organic care and basic seasonal and watering instruction for no extra cost.

If you love gardening and you’re stuck with a weird spot you need help working through.

If you want to start your project with a master plan you’re excited about.

If you want to stop wasting money.

Now, how do you get started? Email me at with a basic outline of your project and a photo of the space or spaces to be designed. I will look at your information and respond with a price and basic information. Once we have an agreement, I will send you a plant list, planting instructions and general maintenance, as well as individual maintenance tips for your specific plants and trees.

After 20 years in the Austin area I only have one goal in mind, I’m “Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time” by creating fabulous, colorful, edible and sustainable landscapes that work for you and not the other way around.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you,

Lisa LaPaso





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