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For those of you who know me and have followed my blog it is a no brainer that I would be excited to be featured on the local PBS station KLRU for my low water, minimal maintenance, mostly edible garden. I actually fueled my passion for gardening here in Central Texas by watching this show faithfully each Saturday back in the day to educate myself on some of the spectacular plants that thrive in Central Texas. As I became more water conscious I decided to specialize in low water , lush designs (not a fan of cactus), I realized that I had become addicted to the flora of Texas.

This past weekend CTG featured my previous home garden built by my husband Cavin Weber and my little old self on a real family budget one plant and rock at a time. The only help we had was with the patio, the rest of the space was entirely planted, composted, rocked and cared for by our 4 little hands and backs. Like many of you, we live on a budget so everything could not be done at once, but over the course of about 4 years we managed to create a sanctuary for ourselves and our family to escape from everyday life and to meld into nature.

We picked hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of food from this small North Austin yard and we shared thousands of beautiful memories, laughs and tears. This is the space where I worked though my youngest son’s fears and sensory issues related to Autism. This is where my eldest son came out to us. This is where my husband and I sometimes argued, made up and got back to work on our grand plan. Just like any other family, we had to work hard for what we have and this space gave us solace from the daily grind.

I want to thank my beautiful husband Cavin Weber for all of his support through the years as I could not be who I am today without his unwavering support and faith in me. I started this business as one girl with a shovel and a mission to “Save the Planet One Yard at a Time” and over the last 14 years, that is just what I did though I still have a lot of yards to go! So call me at 512-733-7777 or contact me at to set up your one hour landscape consultation and let’s get you started in the right direction!



Central Texas Gardener is a great resource for local plant selection and excellent organic gardening remedies. Watch it each Saturday on KLRU at noon and 4:00 or subscribe online to catch all the action!

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Lisa’s Landscape & Design

“Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”

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