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Orange Flowers for the Texas Landscape

Oddly enough, orange is one of the least favorite color choices when I do landscape consultations with clients. I however, happen to love it in the landscape and it is my best friends favorite color (Hi Dalen!) so …  Aside from the fact that I think it is a really a great color, I also think the plants that just happen to be orange are really spectacular.

Here are some of my favorites,

Firecracker fern

Firecracker fern, full to part sun, semi-evergreen, low water, low maintenance. 2′ x 2′, hummingbird attraction. (Perennial.)


Cosmo, fun to part shade from 2-4′ x 2′. low water, low maintenance, re-seeds profusely. Deciduous. (Annual)

Canna Tropicanna

Canna Tropicanna is a great plant for a wet spot or part sun. I also recommend using this in a controlled bed to prevent unwanted spreading. Deciduous, cut back leaves in the spring before new shoots come up. (Perennial)

Shrimp Plant

Shrimp Plant is a shade plant that reaches from 3′ x 3′ and provides beautiful color most of the summer months. deciduous, cut back in early spring. (Perennial)

Wonderful Pomegranate

Wonderful Pomegranate is a small tree reaching 12′ t to 8′ wide-ish. Full sun, little water and maintenance and provides oranges flowers in the spring and delicious fruit in late fall. Deciduous perennial.

Pride of Barbados-super drought tolerant. Full sun.

Pride of Barbados-super drought tolerant xeriscape plant. Full sun, profuse bloomer in the hot summer months. 8′ x 8′. Deciduous, cut back early spring. (Perennial)

Mexican Honey Suckle

Mexican Honey Suckle, evergreen, low water low, maintenance xeriscape plant. Full to part sun, great butterfly attraction. (Perennial)


Aloe Vera, medicinal evergreen with beautiful salmon colored blooms in the summer months. super low water, low maintenance. Remove spent blooms and divide pups every few years if desired. (Perennial) Part sun. 2′ x 2′

Globe Mallow

Globe Mallow is a beautiful silvery, pubescent plant that is evergreen and low water. 3′ x 3′, native in zones 6-8. (perennial)

honey suckle

Cape Honeysuckle Vine is but one of a few vines such as “Crossvine” and “Mexican Flame”, but one thing remains the same, the color is striking! Full to part sun, deciduous (crossvine is evergreen), low water, low maintenance, up to 20′.


Peach Drift Rose. Not really “orange” per say, but very much in the orange family and loaded with color all summer long. Low water, low maintenance and evergreen. 3’w x 2.5′ tall. Full sun


Texas Lantana, deciduous, super low water, low maintenance. Deer resistant, full sun. 4x4ish


Firebush, 3′ w x 4′ t, low water, low maintenance. Part sun, deciduous.


A few other plants in my favorite list are the Living Easy Rose, Flame Acantha, the Lions Tail and of course the native Butterfly Weed that is so beneficial to migrating Monarchs.
So head out to your plant nursery and see what beautiful new native and adapted specimens you can add to your landscape this fall.

Now go get your garden on!

Lisa LaPaso

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  1. I don’t mind any of these choices. They all look good I just wouldn’t want nothing but orange,

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