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5 Great Ways to Improve Your Landscape in a Drought

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It is estimated that as much as 30% of our water sources in the United States is used on watering lawns.  If you have ever read one of my blogs you know how I feel about sod,  I think it should be illegal…but that being said, many people have lawns and we are now struggling to decide whether we keep watering all this grass with an annually shrinking water supply or make a change. We need to make a change. Many of you in areas of Texas and other water challenged states have dead and dying lawns and if you reduce the amount of lawn you have, perhaps just keep the portions that do well and make them purposeful, you will see that they are more attractive and require less work.  Hopefully you will eventually become inspired to remove it all in some areas 😉 Having a huge lawn is an antiquated notion and…

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  1. Deb Killworth

    I just found your website via Central TX Gardener, and I’m really excited about your expertise and knowledge – I’ll be contacting you soon about setting up a consultation @ our new home on (2) acres in Georgetown TX!


    • I will look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me at lisalapaso@gmail or by phone at 512-733-7777.



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