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Autistic Children are Constantly in Bloom.

This blog is inspired by my two favorite people on the entire planet… my two autistic sons, Cavin and Zachariah. Seeing as it is coming up on the month of April, “Autism Awareness Month”, I felt it was a good a time as any to discuss the many beautiful ways my boys have inspired me, motivated me, challenged me and delighted me. I also want to share some blue flowers you can plant for Autism Awareness month. 

Blue salvia

Blue Flowers for Autism Awareness.

Autism is a Spectrum 

I was particularly motivated to tell this story by a conversation I had earlier today with an acquaintance. I was explaining for whatever reason that my boys were Autistic when in response I instantly got the “sad face” and an “I’m sorry”. While I have no doubt that the sympathy was genuine, it was very wasted on me. You see, neither my children nor I are to be sympathized with. Empathy for sure, but not sympathy. For my journey with these two boys saved me, not the other way around.

Blue Agave

They see things differently 

Every Child is Unique 

My eldest quite literally saved my heart by coming into this world and transformed me as a human being as do most children. He however, had a special gift that took years to recognize, and that was Asperger’s. We knew he was a genius, wise beyond his years and an old soul with a young, wondrous mind, but many of the social cues were off and we could not quite put our finger on what it was. As he grew older the behaviors looked odder. He was interested almost intently on only certain things and exhibited behaviors as what we now recognize to have been stimming and OCD. He looked a lot like a person living on the wrong planet.

skyflower Duranta

Skyflower Duranta

Our Journey Continues 

For several years we tried to have another child when finally our Zachariah came along. Only then did we realize how long a journey we would have. We believe Zach was born Autistic, there was no major transformation, just a baby who did not make eye contact, no real human touch seemed to comfort him and sounds, colors or pictures set him off into a terrified tail spin. He could not speak and would not speak more than a few words until nearly third grade. God was showing me what I was made of.

Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris

Intervention is Key

Now with a lot of early intervention, (I am always happy to share my experiences if you would like to contact me personally) both of my boys have come a very long way and are passionate, empathetic, talented, funny, charming and compassionate, intelligent and well mannered young men. Though they have lived through, and will have many challenges ahead of them, they are an inspiration to everyone around them as they persevere without complaints.

Agapanthus, Lily of the Nile

“They Don’t look Autistic”

The world may not realize that they are challenged because they have not become victims of their handicap. They are champions of their circumstances and better for it. They have used their sensitivities as a 6th sense and it has made them more aware, more thoughtful and more considerate of others and their needs.

We call Autism “Awesom-tistic”, because we believe it is a gift that like any other gift, must be channeled and honed into an art form. The gift to me and my husband as parents was to never take a moment for granted.

Louisiana Iris, prefers wet feet, great for ponds.

Much like the constant successes of a small child, an Autistic person can have those same successes every day in the most subtle but life changing ways. Ways only the Autistic person and a parent could appreciate, and this goes on for a lifetime in many cases. Small accomplishments with enormous impacts, much like in a garden.



Gardening was an amazing form of therapy for me. Throughout the years we have worked with our boys who have struggled with irrational fears of the outdoors. I have used sensory plants, veggies and herbs or bees buzzing in the flowers to create life lessons and analogies that teach and present opportunities to learn. I would not be the gardener or the person I am without these experiences. I know there is a lot of controversy over the cause of Autism and the increase of cases, but as far as I am concerned my children are Autistic because of all of the toxic chemicals in our food, water, air and on our planet; so I have changed the way we eat, live, teach, work and speak. For all of these experiences, I am and always will be grateful for every lesson.

Black and Blue Sage

Black and Blue Sage

In honor of “Autism Awareness Month”, we plant blue flowers every year. This year will be Bluebonnets and blue Larkspur. We install a blue light bulb in the light in our window and firmly plant a sign in our yard proudly stating the occasion. We also have a party night on Autism World Awareness Day (April 2nd) to celebrate our differences.
Please take this opportunity to educate yourself on the early signs of Autism because early intervention is crucial  for these children, and the child you save from a lifetime of struggles may be your own.


Greggs Mist is an excellent choice, attracts Monarchs and Queen butterflies

The next time you meet someone with Autism or the parent of a child with Autism, take a moment to understand their journey. We invite questions, we invite encouragement, help and compliments. We welcome empathy when our children are freaking out over a picture on the front of a cereal box, or at a noisy event when they’re covering their ears and stimming, but do not show pity because even though we may not be feeling it at the moment, we are the lucky ones.

Blue Plumbago

Blue Plumbago

If you would like to volunteer for children and families with Autism, you can always plant a sensory garden or natural habitat at schools or organizations that help these families. You can also make financial contributions to organizations like

Now go get your garden on, (whatever the reason)

Lisa LaPaso

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My beautiful boys and I.

My beautiful boys and I.

“Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”


  1. Karen Urrutia

    What a pleasure to read. Ok….I’m going to go get my garden on(even though I already started 🙂 )

    • Thank you Karen, There is nothing more spiritual than a little “sunshine and flower”. Enjoy!

  2. Jenette

    Beautiful and loving. This past year has opened up our families eyes to these things in ways I could not have understood before. Thank you for writing this; it was so encouraging to me.

    • Thank you Jenette, There are many of us in similar worlds and yet each so unique, May your journey be a delightful adventure.

  3. Mary Arnett

    Beautifully spoken.

  4. Sandra Klassen

    Grampa and I live in Saskatchewan , such a fun word to say. We raised our Grandson who is not only unique , he’s Diverse within his Autism. With no two autistic people displaying the same I call them Diverse.

    Because we live far enough North we often see Aroura Borealis. Shortly after he began to put sentences together we were observing the “Northern Lights”.

    Our grandson Steve , age 6 then said ” Don’t you know what that is? It’s God’s Lantern, do do you see how He carries it across the sky?”

    Many people tell me that leaves them with Goosebumps! ~.

    I hope later to tell you how we were able to retire and know our grandson is in a secure home. We wished to know he is comfortable while we age. ~~. Sandra

    • Thank you for sharing Sandra, that is a beautiful story. You are so right, they are each so unique and so magical. We are so blessed to have shared our journey here on Earth with such amazing people.

  5. Sandra Klassen

    I did mean to say DO YOU. Not do do. (please correct for me ). Bye the way he belonged to and displayed plants in Prince Albert Horticultural Society while he was young. He won. Sad to say there was no competition…. He fussed over his plants, enjoying the tactile experience of lifting the blossoms softly in his hands so he might smell them . What an Olfactory treat! ~~ Sandra

    • I have always loved my plants because they were great friends who never told your secrets 😉 truth is they really do love you back. He is in tuned with the planet and saw the beautiful gift in plants and they in turn responded to his energy, I hope he is still able to garden.

      • Sandra Klassen

        Dear, read what he said of the Northern Lights. I’ll keep taking him to greenhouses! Cheerssandra

      • Sandra Klassen

        He’d be the first to notice anything new! I wish he could work in a greenhouse …he works with his landlords dad flipping houses. He is a ” cleaner” even on a visit home he insists on clearing the table. Unknown to him Grampa cleans sticky fingerprints afterward.. ( smile). He says the only time he forgets everything and feels most relaxed is when he’s on the boat, out flushing. I have to see every fish several times when they return!

  6. Sandra Klassen

    The Dr says he us as an 8 year old, social skills show that..issues of tryst. Yet show me an untrained 8 yr old playing. Beethoven Ninth opening movement on piano. I’m running out of time… Sandra

  7. Sandra Klassen

    Finger stutter there. He IS as an 8 yr old. “Issues of trust.”
    He is very open for Exploitation . At age 20 he played the opening movement on the piano.

    There is a man in India who says. ” we might just be Mankind’s Newest Mutation”.

    I love it!!!! Sandra

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