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Salvia Greggi (Autumn Sage)

Salvia Greggi

Salvia is a super hardy Texas friendly family of plants, one of many that is part of the mint family.  The  Sage and Salvia family seem to cause some confusion as they are really the same plant.  The Lamiaceae family of Sage is referred to as Sage for the medicinal herbaceous plants and referred to “Salvia” when ornamental for the most part.  Sage have tremendous health and nutritional values and I encourage you to read up on them at

Today’s featured plant pick of the day is the Salvia Greggi.  I love it for its versatility in the garden.  Although not edible,  It is evergreen, deer and drought resistant and is a great butterfly and hummingbird attraction.   Most also have a Fall color element that is really cool in the garden and the woody nature of the typically 2×3′ shrubby, evergreen perennial is a great main stay in the Xerophytic garden.

Pink Salvia is the most common, bright pink and a great hummingbird and butterfly attraction.

Pink Salvia is the most common, bright pink and a great hummingbird and butterfly attraction.

Salvia Greggi is very commonly found in Hot Pink , but can also be  White, Red, Purple, Red & White combo, & Salmon. The hardiest in my experience are the Pink, Furmans Red, White, Salmon, and Hot Lips but that does not mean one or the other wouldn’t do just as well in your space.  Just as any other plants, it is all about location, location, location.  Salvia Greggi takes full sun which means it needs at least 6 hours of sun to produce flowers consistently and not become “leggy”, or woody.  It does require a “dead heading” after the blooms are spent.  You can achieve this by simply breaking off the spent blooms, or just heading the plant down a few inches to encourage a re-growth.  Worth the effort to my mind. Here is the video clip…

Now go get your garden on!

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