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It is always so satisfying to me at the end of a long day to just stroll through the garden to see what Mother Nature has gifted to me. I have yet to be disappointed.  I think one of the saddest parts of society today is that we have gotten so far from Nature.  People are in such a hurry, they are running from place to place, over scheduled, glued to phones and computers and never stopping for a  moment…..Just to breathe…

When we step away from our phones, televisions and noise of every day life it allows us to meditate and concentrate on the moment…Live in the moment…

Desert Willow

Breathe…smell…touch…taste… listen….what do you hear, what do you “not” hear maybe more importantly…Now those around you are also calmer and they too stop and smell the roses, the lizards say hello…

Anole Lizard

Your worries dissipate into the evening air and you begin to notice the gentle subtleties…

Even the puppy stops to smell the Roses…

(or Moon Flower as it were)

Datura/Moon Flower…Honey Bee 😉


Callalily smelling a Moon Flower

When you travel the garden path, it gives you opportunity to leave your troubles at the garden gate, relish in the butterflies, the sound of the birds singing, bees buzzing and the hummingbirds coming out to drink at dusk…The fragrance of flowers fills the air and the sound of water caresses your soul…

The entrance to my sanctuary

When the world becomes too much for you, you must have a place to escape, your yard should be that place and if you have not found the time or inspiration yet, let this be your motivation. Take a small space at a time,  maybe very close to your back door where you can see the happy space even when you are going through your day, or at your front door where the happiness greets you when you come home.  A freshly painted front door, a clean porch with some lovely potted plants, a small water feature and a rocker is a start.  Then let your successes lead to more challenges until you have created a place that welcomes you, loves and respects you, admires your strengths and weaknesses and hugs you when you need it…

Coral Bean (Fireman’s Cap)

Mother Nature is calling you back to her, this is why we become so disoriented, so tired and uninspired, it is the connection with nature you are seeking, which in turn is the connection to ourselves, the connection to each other and the path way to your happiness in all aspects of your life…there is nothing a little sunshine and flower cannot fix…

Now go get your therapeutic garden on!

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape & Design

“Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”

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  1. plawrence4320

    Thanks Lisa, I needed that. 😉

  2. plawrence4320

    Thanks Lisa, it’s Monday and I needed that to get my week off to a great start!

  3. Lisa really nature gives us a lot of things that are good for our health ,but we don’t care about that things .Thanks for sharing.

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