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Lisa’s “Plant Pick of the Day”, Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia Lucatha)

Mexican bush sage is a beautiful addition to any space.

Mexican bush sage is a beautiful addition to any space.

Mexican Bush Sage is one of my favorite Sun plants in the garden.  Its flocculent texture and striking Purple and Lavender flower spikes make this plant a show piece, a butterfly and hummingbird attraction and best of all, it is drought tolerant and practically no maintenance. Hardy for zones 8-10 in even the worst soil conditions with the least effort.

Mexican Bush Sage reaches to about 3.5′ tall and 3″ wide, it is an elegant plant in the garden and serves well as a specimen plant or in mass plantings.   Remember as with all plants, do not plant your bed with plants too close together, be patient they will come into their own in about 2-3 seasons. Over planting (inadequate spacing for maturity) wastes money, makes for more maintenance and disease issues due to lack of air and you lose the integrity of the beauty of a plant when they become a plant “blob” in the garden. Give your children space and they will grow…sleep, creep and leap…The first year they are getting their roots established, the second is spent getting some root and plant growth and the 3rd year your plants take off and form their true shape.  Nature has a plan 😉


The honey Bees will love you for it!

Now check out my video for even more information and chance to see this beauty in action!

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  1. One of my favorite fall bloomers which this year is a spring bloomer!

    • Jenny, mine bloom all year even though they are typically an end of the season bloomer. Mine have begun every year in the Spring and continue all year for as long as I have had them which has been 10 years or so in different locations. Must be a location thing, but I have them on jobs with the same result. Maybe they just can’t wait to get started! In any event I love them too, just an all around cool plant 😉

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