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Updated Xeriscape video of Lisa’s space- Changing times for the HOA’s

Here is a quick rather shaky and windblown video of my front yard taken two days ago from the street view.  This video is an example of what HOA’s should be doing to make our Planet more water friendly.  In Avery Ranch, Austin Texas, there is now a “variance” to the original CC&Rs allowing up to 75% Xeriscape and 25% sod!  Seriously, how cool is this? A forward thinking HOA, gotta love it!  Here are the recent changes I have made showing how Fabulous, lush and colorful (if I do say so myself) Xeriscape can be!


Now go get your garden on!

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape and Design                                                                                                                                                                  

“Saving the Planet One Yard at a time”

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  1. Enjoyed your video of your lovely water reduced garden. An example to homeowners everywhere. Did you have to change your watering system? I imagine it was large spray heads that water the whole area.

    • Actually Jenny I cheated a bit and just turned the heads off that I no longer needed, didn’t even incur the expense of caps. We were quite fortunate to still be able to get really great coverage without re-directing the heads I needed. I made some adjustments and ran the system to find that we had great coverage except for one head I had to switch to a riser and no more water on the street from the nuisance strip! Most homes I design are not so lucky, it typically does require adjustments and re-working the irrigation to accommodate beds so that is something to consider for sure when making these changes. However, our bill for our actual water use, for a family of 4 with THIS garden was $21.00. Pretty impressive how quickly it pays for itself!

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