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For those of you interested in Composting but may not have enough room or a yard for that matter, Vermiculture is a viable option for maximum benefit with the least amount of effort.  Worm farms have no smell if done properly and should be used inside the home (Yes…inside).  The following article gives a good view of the proper procedure to maintaining a Vermiculture environment.

Here is an article I found on the topic written by “How stuff works”.vermicomposting-1..

Deep beneath the earth, they thrive — pink, slimy and insatiably hungry.They’re with us all the time, rooting through our gardens, digging through our lawns and consuming everything in their path. Read more here:

 I also highly recommend you check out this awesome video by the “Enviromentals”, I think they did an excellent job explaining the process and frankly it is was pretty fun to watch! Nothing better than a gardener with a sense of humor!
Worm compost is a rich, dark, nutrient rich addition to your garden, veggie beds and house plants. This is a fun project for the children, it is excellent for gardeners with small yards, or apartments with patio gardens where traditional composting is not an option.
Now go get your garden on!
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