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I am looking for Summer time blog idea’s and would love your feedback. Many of you have questions that several others may have but have not been able to ask.  I am tremendously inspired in the Spring and Fall with all the things to do in the Garden, but the Summer is mostly maintenance and it is hard for me to find topics that may apply to all, so this is a great time to ask about your specific issues and lets see if we cannot find some answers together.

SO, please post your questions and comments in the comment section below, or you can email them to me directly at and I will respond to each question or topic request individually. I think it would be lots of fun to hear what you have going on, so no questions are too silly and no garden topic is off limits. Landscape Design, organic gardening, plant selection, timing, trimming, you name it, lets talk about it!

Your questions will be posted at the beginning of the blog and I would love feedback from other readers about any solutions or comment that you may have that pertain to the subject 😉

So lets get started!!

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  1. Hi Lisa, I’ll help you with a question/topic. Since we all grow many different plants in our summer garden and have found from personal experience which ones do best under our stressful conditions, what are your top five favorite plants for adorning our hot, dry summer gardens?

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