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Victory Gardens for the 21st Century

Edible landscape design_Lisa LaPaso_austin

Above is a great visual of a modern day Victory Garden. It’s been about 25 years or so ago that I started my first food/flower garden. I had my first big apartment with a patio and I grew tomatoes, peppers, roses, hibiscus, sage and salvia. I spent that last 17 years teaching people how to …

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Top 10 Trees and Shrubs for Privacy

If you’re in Central Texas, particularly Austin, you know that land is at a premium. This is true in many cities as homes being are being built on less than a quarter acre and your neighbors are typically “all up in your grill”.  There’s a good reason that one of the most common questions I …

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Landscape Nurseries in Austin

What a blast I had at my last trip visiting local Austin nurseries. You’d think a landscape designer like myself would be over the whole nursery experience but I have to tell you that nothing excites me more than a fully stocked plant nursery.  I’ll warn you that their parking is a bit challenging at …

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Landscape Watering 101

Moisture meter

  We’re Challenged This is a much-needed blog I have been dreading to write because it is so important, but tough to explain. Watering your plants, lawn and trees is a challenge no matter where you live but in Central Texas it is really rough. We have poor soil, extreme heat, lack of resources, no …

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