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“Please don’t plant so close to me!”

“Please don’t plant so close to me!” sing that to the music of “The Police” aka “Please don’t stand” yada yada every time you are planting your new plants. After cursing me for not being able to get that song out of your head, take a moment and look at the mature size of the …

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Butterfly Gardens in Central Texas

Butterfly gardens for the most part need to be in full to part sun. You will look for plants, trees and shrubs with open flowers that provide plenty of pollen. Butterfly gardens are a beautiful accent to any space. You are creating a space to invite butterflies, caterpillars and larvae by planting the plants that …

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Look What I Can Do! Lush Xeriscape Landscapes in Austin Texas

“Hey look Ma, no hands!”, well that’s not entirely true, I do lay out the plants myself but Mother Nature gets most of the credit. Not because she (Mother Nature) plants for me but because she and I are symbiotic. I get what she is putting down as it were. My designs are an expression …

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“Yeah, I Can Do That”, Landscaping and the Educated Consumer

This blog was inspired after I had yet another meeting with an HOA member whose commercial landscaper had run them through the ringer and they never saw it coming. What I realized however, was that this is a not an HOA problem, or even a commercial vs residential problem but this is a consumer problem …

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How to Use Eggshells in the Garden

If you are a big egg eater like we are you probably have ┬álots of discarded shells you are simply tossing in the trash. If you compost, you likely know that eggshells are great to use in your bin, but did you also know you can toss them directly onto your soil?   Egg shells …

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