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Agarita, Lisa LaPaso


Agarita, Lisa LaPaso

Interesting Foliage, Flowers and Fruit.

Agarita is an evergreen, native plant of  Texas. Boasting tri-leaved blue-ish green/grey foliage, yellow flowers and edible red fruit that is great for jams and jellies. 

Agarita, Lisa LaPaso

Drought Tolerant and Deer Resistant 

Agarita is deer resistant and super drought tolerant. It’s an excellent Xeriscape plant that works well in a myriad of landscape styles. 
Its sunlight needs range from sun to part shade, growing to 4’ x 4’ ish, with pointed edges that make it a great deterrent plant beneath windows or as a border plant. 

Agarita, Lisa LaPaso

Pollination Plant 

Native plants are so important to our environment for wildlife, water conservation, disease resistance and low maintenance. They are also food for pollinators who count on local flora for food. 

Go Native!

Use native plants whenever possible and always avoid anything listed on the invasive lists of Texas (or your State). Invasive species have no checks or balances and they’re not food for our local pollinators.

Never introduce plants from other countries by bringing seeds or plants into the US. Instead, grow to love the local plants and trees and enjoy the wildlife, butterflies, birds and bees that they attract. 

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape and Design

”Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”

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