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Peggy, martin and climbing blaze rose

Full Sun Plants for Austin, Texas

Struggling to find full sun plants that won’t quit on the job? Here is a taste of some of the incredible Texas native and adapted plants that can really take the heat.

Furman’s Red Salvia Greggi

Furman’s Red Salvia, 3 x 3’

Salvias Greggi are not only great for sun but they’re deer resistant too. 

Flowering Pink Skullcap

Pink Skullcap, 2×2’

A low mounding plant that blooms all summer and stays evergreen in the winter. 

Purple bearded Iris

Bearded iris 2 x 2’

Bearded Iris are Texas rough and come in a variety of colors and some are everblooming. 

Yellow Bells Esperanza

Yellow Bells Esperanza 6 x 8’

Like a ray of sunshine, Yellow Esperanza loves the heat and requires little maintenance.

Blooming Gulf Muhly Grass

Gulf Muhly 3 x 3”ish

Native Grasses do great in Central Texas and soak rain deep into the soil.

Mystic spires

Mystic Spires 2.5×2.5’

This plant is not only beautiful but feeds bees and hummingbirds.

Tropical Salvia

Tropical saliva 2 x 2’

This hummingbird feeder takes from full sun to shade and provides color all summer. 

Walkers Low Catmint

Walkers Low Catmint, 2 x 2.5’

Deer resistant, low water and evergreen. Beautiful silver foliage and lavender flowers.

Texas Betony

Texas Betony, 2 x 2.5ish

Another hummingbird feeder that stays green all year and sports spikes of coral red flowers all summer. 

Evergreen Wisteria

Evergreen Wisteria, 15’+

This stunning jewel of a vine is a show stopper in the landscape. Unlike the Japanese variety, it is non invasive and supports native bees and birds. 

Rock Rose Pavonia

Rock Rose Pavonia, 3 x 3’

Pink hibiscus flowers all summer long followed by leaves with fall color. Can reseed readily but is easily controlled and shared. Super low water and deer resistant.

Cinco De Mayo Rose

Cinco De Mayo Rose, 4 x 4’

You may not think of roses when you think Central Texas, but you’d be wrong. There are many hardy varieties that are disease resistant and low water. Look for Earth Kind when possible. Search this blog for more varieties.

Orange Globe Mallow

Globe Mallow, 3 x 3’

This silvery leaves beauty has coral orange flowers and interesting leaf structure that makes it a standout in the landscape. 

Daylily from 2 x 2-3 x 3’

Daylily does beautiful in hardiness zone 8 and come in a variety of colors and sizes. 

Gopher Plant 2×2’

Silver Spurge or Gopher plant is part of the Euphorbia family and loves a dry, stunner bed, excellent for xeriscape and rock gardens. Deer resistant.

Texas Fall Aster, 3 x 3’+

Fall Aster is aptly names because of its fall bloom cycle but it also blooms in the spring. Cut it back after the season and it returns right away for the next show.

Silver Sotol, 4 x 4’

Sotols, Yuccas and Agaves are also excellent sun plants if this is your bag, they produce flower spike and require little maintenance. 

Althea, Rose or Sharon from 3 x 3’ to 10 x 8’

Althea can be found in various sizes and colors and are low water, deer resistant and consistent bloomer. 

Mountain Laurel Tree, up to 25’ at a snails pace 

While a super slow grower, the Mountain Laurel is a highly coveted tree for its stunning flower display that smells like grape bubblegum. Evergreen and deer resistant.

Little Gem Magnolia, 15 x 25’

Little Gem Magnolia tree is a beautiful specimen tree that is evergreen and flowering. Growing to 25’ it is a much smaller variety than one you may be used to.

Mexican Bush Sage, 4 x 4’

This all star can be seen from HOA’s to commercial parking lots and for good reason, it loves the heat. Low water and deer resistant repeat bloomer.

Anacacho Orchid Tree, 8 x 8’ish

One of my favorite small trees for good reason. Sporting fragrant white blooms a few times from spring to fall, evergreen and deer resistant.

Skyflower Duranta 6 x 6’

Like a cascading waterfall of purple flowers followed by yellow berries, it makes a statement in the landscape. 

Moonflower Duranta 6’x6’

Stunning saucer sized white flowers that open at duck and attract Hummingbird Moths. Excellent for a moonlight garden. 

Mexican Mint Merigold 2.5 x 2.5’

Many herbs are evergreen and perennial and bloom in colors of yellow, lavender, pink and white.

Society Garlic 2 x 2’

Texas tough this baby handled snowMageddon like a boss and thrives in full sun to part shade.

Jerusalem Sage, 3 x 4’

Evergreen, deer resistant and low water. The Jerusalem Sage blooms yellow crowns of flowering bouquets on silver green foliage.

Firemans Cap Coral been 8×10’

Fire engine red flower spikes that extend over 2 feet in length. This is one you have to see to believe. Super low water and deer resistant.

Pride of Barbados 6’ x 6’

One of those plants you never forget. Super drought tolerant, deer resistant and a butterfly magnet.

Texas Sage Bush 6 x 8’

Referred to as the barometer plant for its bloom cycle just before rain. This Evergreen and deer resistant shrub is a silvery green beauty with delightful purple/lavender flowers throughout the summer months.

Desert Willow Tree 15 x 25’

A master of the Texas heat, this ever blooming tree is both elegant and notable in  the Central Texas landscape. With long narrow leaves and large pink/mauve flowers that carry fragrance throughout the space, it is one you will want to try.

Firecracker fern, 2 x 2’

Firecracker fern is a funky little plant that has really interesting Leaf text her and long tubular coral red flowers that attract hummingbirds nonstop. Semi evergreen, deer resistant and low water once established.

Thryallis Golden Showers 3 x 5’

Thryallis is one of those plants you should see everywhere but you don’t. With well-established deer resistance and profuse blooming cycles, it makes an excellent hedgerow or  specimen plant.

Edible and perennial landscape design

Edible perennial plants, trees and herbs

Last but not least, there is an abundance of food that does beautifully in full sun. Fruit trees such as peach, plum, pear, apple, persimmon and pomegranate as well as herbs such as thyme, oregano, mint and much more. Unlike tomatoes, peppers and other annual foods, these perennial plants stay evergreen or return each season.

So now that you’re inspired, incorporate some of these interesting varieties of flowering plants, trees and food into your sun gardens and enjoy them for seasons to come. If you would like help with a plant selection in the Austin area, contact me at for an Educational Landscape Consultation, or complete Landscape Design!

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