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White Flowers for Central Texas

White flowers play an interesting part in our landscapes in that they are most often fragrant, but delicate which causes them to fade out into a “antiqued” version of themselves. With a variety of sizes and textures, there are lot of low water, low maintenance white flowering plants and trees for hardiness zone 8a/b. 

Moonflower Duranta, 5 x 5, deer resistant, low water 

White is elegant and lovely on its own, but it’s also a great contrast with color and is especially interesting at dawn and dusk, or a Moonlight Garden. 

These are two huge plants that spread about 6′ each. Deciduous, sun to part sun and deer resistant. 

Moonflower Duranta is night blooming and incredibly fragrant which attracts Hummingbird Moths, or Sphinx Moth for a floor show at dusk. 
Below is a fabulous Kidneywood Tree that is not only a beating display of tiny leaves in a silvery green, but white flower spikes that are so fragrant they permeate the entire space. 

Kidneywood Tree

Kidneywood Tree, sun to mostly shade, 12 x 12

There is a variety of plants and trees with white flowers and sometimes an interesting contrast Like red, orange or yellow centers, the white flowers can be a stand alone or a backdrop to an array of colors and textures that are complimented by the use of white or silvers. 

Althea or Rose of Sharon, deer resistant, low water

Texture plays really well in dappled light or shade, so white can be a great accent or planted in mass for affect.

White Yarrow, 2 x 2, semi evergreen and deer resistant. 

White is not technically a color, but a shade. This plays beautifully with variegated plants as they are void of color where the white stripes begin. 

There are some beautiful trees that also produce white flowers such as the Texas Dogwood, Mexican Plum and one of my all time favorites, the Anacacho Orchid.

The Anacacho Orchid is also deer resistant as are each of the plants live listed here, but anyone in Central Texas knows, if deer are hungry, they’ll eat anything in a hardship.

Much like the Anacacho, the next plant (below) is another fragrant flower that fills the space with a scent somewhere along the line of vanilla or gardenia. 

White Mistflower Boneset, 3 x 3, low water sun to shade. 

Another super aromatic tree is the Little Gem Magnolia. Shown below as an espalier, the tree form reaches 15 to 20 feet in height and 8-10 feet wide. Best of all, it’s evergreen!

Flowers like the white echinacea (below), white Plumbago, white mealy Sage or Salvia Greggi, you won’t be short on choices.  

White echinacea, 2 x 2, sun, low water and medicinal 

Salvia Greggi (White), evergreen, low water, low maintenance. Full sun 2.5 x 2.5, deer resistant.

“Fahrenheit White” Mealy Sage, is also a great choice for deer issues, low water, low maintenance. (sun to part shade)

Many herbs have white flowers like sweet basil, cilantro and onion, which when allowed to bloom make beautiful specimens in the appropriate season. 

Flowering cilantro in the herb garden.

Combinations of variegated leaves and white flowers can also make for a striking combination. Many varieties are evergreen as well which makes them equally desirable in the landscape. 

Blackfoot Daisy, evergreen sun to part sun. 2 x 2. Flax Lily Dianella 2.5 x 2.5. Sun to shade. Deer resistant, perennial. 

White can also add drama. Shapes, texture and shades of green all create a story. To tell the story of your life, do your homework on the native and adapted plants and trees for your area. Austin Texas is in hardiness zone 8 a/b so always look up a plant you like, before your buy.

Natchez crepe myrtle, up to 30 x 20. Full sun, low water 

I love crepe myrtles and this Natches is one of my all time favorites because it is disease resistant and lightly fragrant, and it sports beautiful fall colors and amber bark during growth periods.

Each plant attracts different pollinators, blooms at different cycles, provides seeds or berries for food and remains evergreen or sleep briefly for a recharge. They are all perfect for the Xeriscape garden and provide years of happiness.

If you were struggling to find plants for your space and are ready for an educational landscape consultation or complete landscape design you can reach out to me at

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Lisa’s Landscape and Design 

“Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time “

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