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Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time
Xeriscape design, austin

Spiritual Sanctuary Landscape Designs

Religion is a topic most businesses steer clear of and frankly, I think religion is very personal and should be treated as such. Landscape Design is also very personal and now that we’re in our yards more than ever, our space should reflect who we are and allow space for prayer, meditation or simple appreciation of the healing powers of nature.

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Meditation Space

Rather it’s a space on your deck or a tiny spot in the landscape, You can take a lot from a few moments outside, surrounded by nature. As more of us are home and feeling the stress of the world, it’s as important as ever to build a garden for food, a patio for prayer or meditation, or a simple space to experiment with pots and textured plants that bring us peace.

Many people envision meditation spaces to look like one, while this is true, it can also look like this…


It simply requires space for reflection. Small or large spaces with color and symbolism, or even a simple collection of pots can be a place on your patio for meditation and appreciation. Gardens are healing and I know this to be true firsthand. I’ve raised two boys with Autism who are young adults now. I couldn’t have survived without my garden and a little thyme…

Xeriscape garden, Austin Texas

You can create a lot, with a little space and some old pots. Spray paint and garage sale furniture can go a long way too!

Xeriscape design, Austin, low water color

Privacy and low water beauty, all in one. Now this pool has privacy and the neighbors have an  improved view. 

Water Therapy 

Both literally and figuratively, the tranquility of water can create a space of reflection, conversation or meditation. 

Easy care pond, Austin

Water features can add soothing sound, encourage wildlife and fish are incredibly tranquil to watch.

Small water features are pretty low maintenance and highly rewarding in the way of sound and plant profile. 

Water feature

A sense of humor can go a long way. Create a space you look forward to being a part of and look forward to spending time in. 

Above, momma bunny is munching the oregano while her babies take a dip in the small water feature. 
Below, an attached water feature that is low maintenance and a work of art. 

Water feature, austin landscape design

Built in water features bring the water to you and provide a sound barrier that brings in birds and visitors of all kinds.

Disappearing water feature, Lisa LaPaso

These concrete planters were converted into a funky water feature with copper tubes and this small space is welcoming to wildlife and a space of tranquility.

Create Seating Opportunities 

Finally, create paths and seating areas. Allow space to meander and view life from a new perspective as different seasons present different visual opportunities.

Low water, xeriscape designs

Create opportunities…

Landscape design, austin

Seating areas in landscape are extensions of our home and lifestyle.

Start small and work your way to success. Stay with native and adapted plants and trees only, visit them often and who knows what new friends you could make? 

Welcome Wildlife

Spending time in nature is spiritual. It’s is a reconnection with our true selves and the life sources and sounds we take for granted. Make time to give thanks in a space that shows appreciation for the gifts in our world. 

Meditation space

Simple rock seating for reading, yoga or meditation. 

Lisa LaPaso

”Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time “

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