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Now that I have your attention, I’m about to blow your mind with some great tips for saving money and succeeding in your landscape. Guarantee is a word some landscape companies throw around to incentivize you to feel comforted by the fact that no matter what happens to your new plants, they’re going to swoop in like Batman in the night and replace them at your will.


Lets clear some things up, you’re paying for that guarantee. I know that salesperson really liked you, but it’s built into their cost. If you lose some plants, they have no consequence because they’ve already charged you money to cover a lot more than that.

Secondly, see how fast a company runs back to fill in a couple of plants when they are spread thin during the busy season. I assure you from many years of Consults that you’re lucky to get a response from some companies when something goes right, let alone when something’s wrong after a sale. This practice also means they make a larger profit off of you if you take good care of your plants, guaranteed.

Choose the Right Plants for the Job

Below are low maintenance plants that will succeed if planted and cared for correctly. In order, Dwarf Ruellia, Golden Showers Thryallis and American Beauty Berry are just a few of the myriad of choices for Hardiness Zone 8 that are successful because they belong here. 

With so many plants to choose from, how do you know what the right choices are? You ask for the plant list that will be installed on your property and you do your home work on them, OR, you hire an educated Consultant/ Designer and follow that list with minor additions for best results.

Low water and Low Maintenance 

A Xerophytic plant profile that can withstand the Texas heat (or where ever you live for that matter) is imperative for a successful garden and they need to be properly spaced as well. Each plant should be able to grow without touching one another at maturity. You have to know a plant to know how big it gets and you’d be surprised by how many up-sells I see in the way of over-planted beds. Overcrowding (overcharging) is a killer that can take years to happen. Guaranteed.

Education is Key

“I guarantee” that I will answer your questions and assist you in caring for the plants that I design for you. Email or text to your hearts desire during your first year and before you know it…you’re a Gardener! You’ll actually know what to do yourself.
Now, maybe you don’t want to know, or care if you ever touch a plant (you’re missing out by the way), you will at the very least be an educated consumer who can hire talent to care for your space. No one can comfort you by swapping out a plant that could die again because there may be a deeper issue. Previous chemical use can cause plants to suffer, broken pipes, poor drainage, user error, improper watering, poor planting techniques and pets are all factors. If I know immediately that a plant is suffering, most times I can tell you how to correct it. If you don’t care because you’ll get a free one, you got nothing.

Don’t Take the Easy Route

If you don’t know the plants you’re using, you’re limiting yourself to a smaller plant pallet. With a guarantee, the installer needs to know they can get that replacement readily and convenient to them. Once you familiarize yourself with a successful native and adapted plant pallet through a consultation or design, (or by taking the time to familiarize yourself through the many free resources), you can use that same plant profile (as long as the light conditions are the same) throughout your space.
Many plants will work in sun and shade. Proper plants, placed in the correct light, properly spaced is key for the installation and design success. Conclusion, before and after the plants are installed the owner’s investment really begins.

Of course there is always a margin of error, do you return all the grapes or the mealy watermelon to the store if it doesn’t taste good? Probably not. However, If you have a good handle on how to properly choose and care for your new plants now and in the future, that is about as good a guarantee as you’ll ever get.

Landscape design, austin

Little Gem Magnolia Espalier

Nature has variables, your loss should be no greater than 1 to 3 % if you follow my instruction given verbally and in writing, as well as implementing my organic protocol. Insist that your Designer or Landscape Consultant educate you on proper care then educate yourself as well. Train your yard keeper on the proper trimming and timing and insist on it when hiring.

So, the bottom line is to use that money you saved on the guarantee to buy some nice wine, a real pretty IPA, or maybe tequila depending on the day. Enjoy a garden tour nightly or at least every few days. You’re guaranteed to learn something, you’ll catch problems early and it might just be the therapy you needed and already paid for.

Happy Gardening,

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape and Design

”Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”


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