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Summertime is for Landscape Design!

So, spring is over and you’ve allowed another season to go by without making the progress you had hoped for? Or maybe you were overzealous and made some “interesting” choices you are now unsure of and it’s too hot to do much about it.  Whatever your trepidation or reason for delay, you are in luck, because summertime is the best time for a landscape design in Austin.

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Summer is the best time for landscape design because your yard is in full bloom, the trees have their leaves and you can really see what you have to work with and what needs to be removed.

Once you discern what is working and what is not, you can study the correct plants and planting techniques and design for yourself on the myriad of software tools and such, or you can hire a qualified landscape designer, consultant like myself, to begin your desired transformation.

Plant For the Correct Lighting

Summer is also the best time to determine your true sunlight at the hottest part of the day. Or, that you have way more shade than you realized now that your trees have grown in.
Grass removal and/or bed preparation, construction, patios, privacy issues and drainage are great summer projects as well.
A detailed design should include dimensions of hardscapes and plant quantities. A complete plan should be a vision board that allows you to complete over months or years. It should also be manageable for a contractor to provide you with an accurate bid.

Thoughtful Design Isn’t Free

My “average” design from me ranges from $750-$1500ish and includes a personalized consultation that allows me to get into your head and really understand your needs and desires. After we speak (usually 30 minutes or so), I will collect your property survey for accurate measurements. I take photos and ask you for a sun chart to better understand your light requirements in various places throughout the yard. This helps me coordinate the plant palette for your conditions, while creating continuity in colors and textures throughout the landscape.

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Good Design Takes Time

A typical design takes me 3 to 4 weeks after I receive your light schedule and any requested measurements or detail. This is a timely process because a good design takes time.

The completed design includes a list of plants to be used and a layout provides a final result of plants at their maturity. The plants are laid in a grid system so that you can do the installation yourself, or hire anyone else.

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Design is Personal

Finding the right designer is important because you need to be on the same page. If you choose one like me who specializes in native and adapted plants for your area, you can be sure your landscape will be low water, low maintenance for a life in Central Texas.

If you have a large project with challenging topography you may require a landscape architect or civil engineer, so take your time and do your homework. Changing the grade or slope of your property with poorly installed landscapes, patios or pools can be costly to you and neighbors.

Education Is Essential To Success

Once the design is complete you may also need some instruction on how to care for your landscape through the seasons. I am devoted to the your success.

For me, a client is for life. You should be able to ask follow-up questions for years to come so that you will be inspired to help those around you and develop a love of gardening. At the very least, you will have a sense of pride and ownership that goes along with the understanding of the landscape you have installed.

Anyone can draw a picture of a landscape, it takes a plants specialist to create a successful landscape design. Remember, while xeriscape means low water landscape, it doesn’t have to be cactus.

If you’re in the Austin or surrounding area, text or call me at (512)733-7777, or better yet, send me details by email at and let’s get started.
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