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If you’re looking for a residential landscape designer to provide you with a scaled drawing and an education on how to care for your landscape, you are in the right place.I am and have been a landscape designer and educational consultant in the Austin and surrounding area for over 20 years.
As a Master Gardener and native plant specialist, I work with water conservationist in mind. I am in love with what I do and am proud to have been organic before it was cool. I only use plants that are native or adapted to our area. I am forward thinking about conservation, sustainable materials and creative solutions to spaces small and large. I consider myself an artist as well as a gardener and I pride myself on low water, low maintenance gardens. Here are some examples of my work.

Xerophytic and Edible

Edible and xeriscape perennial flowering plants



Post construction before photos

Post construction “before” photos


Updated landscape design for modern Hill country

Updated landscape design for modern Hill country

Mediterranean and Tuscan

Mediterranean, low Watershade landscape design

Hill Country

Hill country deer resistant landscape design

Deer resistant landscape, Austin


Formal landscape design with native plants

Low Water/Xeriscape


Xeriscape means low water plants, not just rock and cactus.

I create clever solutions for every challenge, and a style to fit every budget.

My goal is to design a space that speaks to you in the lifestyle you want to live. Let me help you visualize your ideas into a low maintenance, low water landscape.

Xeriscape, drought, tolerant, landscape, design with edibles and perennial plants

This is what a native and adapted plant palate looks like. This is my version of Xeriscape. You can choose to have a few plants with space between them, or a rainforest. Creating unique landscapes is my specialty.

Hand drawn designs are built to scale with a plant list and instruction. Here is more information on Design and Consultation pricing.

 For an online or in person design or consultation, call or text me at 512-733-7777, or email me at to schedule an appointment.

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