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Landscape Layout Service

My Landscape Layout or “Plant Plopper” service is a great asset to anyone planting or filling in existing, or prepared beds by someone with over 20 years of professional gardening and design experience. I have worked on properties for 16 years from full sun to full shade.

My ‘Landscape Layout” service is a great tool for the do-it-yourselfer or anyone who would like to hire their lawn service or general labor for installation. This is a far more cost-effective method than hiring a full service crew who charges a premium but may not know plants. Allow me to use my 20 years of native and adapted plant experience as a full-time gardener both professional and personal as well as my knowledge of professional installations for the last 15 years. I choose the best plants for your space and lay them out for you. All you do is plug and play.


Proper planting and watering instruction are provided with this service as well as follow up email or phone consultation. Your plants are not guaranteed after installation because my wholesalers do not honor them to me. So instead of charging you a premium for each plant to cover a potential loss, I charge you less and train you how to fix any problems you may have before you lose the plant. This encourages ownership from the customer and an educational experience, not just a purchase of plants. In turn, following up my clients teaches me what works and what may not for future clients. We all live in a microclimate, but there are over 100 beautiful plants I use that are pretty fail safe.


Above is a combination of color and edibles with mint and thyme for ground cover and an intentional space for seasonal veggies or herbs. Below is a butterfly garden I have laid out for the client to install themselves or have them installed depending on the size of the job, I can also provide installation per request.

If you ever just wished you could call someone who actually knew plants, who could complete your vision and place the plants in your beds to take the guesswork out of it for you, I can do just that.


Whether you clear and prepare your beds or have them done by someone else, my combination consult and layout service can be of huge value to you.


Proper plant placement is crucial to the final success of the space.

Plant layout is as essential as the plant choice themselves. If you hire a landscape designer you can have a full design prepared for typically anyone to follow if they know plants. If not, or if you want your lawn guys or local labor, or even yourself to have the gratification of planting but not sure of what or where, just tell me your favorite colors  and landscape style and I provide the plant list and layout for you.


No matter the size of the project, I have a solution for you and can make your life a lot easier by providing you with a cohesive plant profile that matches your home and lifestyle. Low water, low maintenance.

Rather it is to fill in existing beds…

Or begin new ones…

Before you know it…you will be here in less than a year 🙂


From English Garden to Modern Hill Country

Where do we start? We start with a landscape consultation, (see fee rates) we talk about your needs and see what you want to change or add. If large changes have to be made, you will be given instruction and a possible plant list depending on the size of the job. Should you decide to go forward with my landscape layout service, the consult will assist us in making a list of plants which I will turn into a bid for purchase. If you decide to plant on your own, your consult will provide you with all the information you need for success. Should you wish to hire labor , instruction will be provided on what to look for and how to plant as well as general plant care and fertilization.

 This service requires a $500 minimum which includes approx. 35) 1 gal plants. Once the beds are cleared and prepared I come back with an approved list (or budget) of 1-5 gallon plants and small trees under 15 gallons and lay them out for your approval. I mark each plants location with spray paint and leave the plants to you. 50% deposit is required to order plants and the balance is due immediately upon layout.

Please give me a call at 512-733-7777, or email me at! Spring planting season begins early March to late April and fall season begins early October and ends in mid November. These are small windows of time for optimal planting so call now to get on next seasons list!

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape & Design

“Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”


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