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Does Your Yard Have Resting Bitch Face?

So several years ago I am feeling particularly defeated and getting really frustrated with my scope of work and the Consult’s I was getting; I had a jag of chemical users who were mad when I got there because they didn’t realize I would spend an hour and their money telling them to stop using them. Turns out, some people aren’t interested in the facts as to why their landscapes were failing. Organic fertilizers, native plants and compost amended soil is the only way to have a successful landscape in Central Texas and I needed to figure out a way to reach the right people or make sure THEY would find ME (because I knew you were out there)!

My husband who is filled with great ideas tells me I should start video taping my garden and plants I love to share and I think for a moment; this is a great idea. BUT, how will I look on camera, will anyone care what I have to say? A blog goes out into blogosphere and though you can see your stats, it is not the same as seeing your actual face and no one commenting or responding so I think to myself “I’ll need to be on my best game”. Flash forward I get all cutied up for a garden tour on video and once I had finished I take my husband and son to my office to show them my first cut I am pretty pleased with and ask them what they think, but there is silence…Finally my husbands says, “You look really angry”.


BEFORE: Over grown, outdated shrubs can hide the assets of the original architecture, become security issues as well as safety hazards for you and your guests. The odd stone bed and narrow sidewalk look disconnected from the rest of the landscape. Angry face!

Youch! I rewind and play over and over and he was right; I had a pretty wicked resting bitch face even though I was actually happy about what I was doing. While I thought I looked good from the inside, I didn’t look good from the outside. I needed to work on my smile and attitude in what I portrayed to the world. Sometimes, It is hard for us to see what is right before our eyes.


AFTER: With the old shrubs removed, a new path and extended sidewalk are now the feature. The landscape is the proper scale to the home and make the space feel larger, open, more accessible and updated. Happy face!

We can use that same analogy on our yards. Everyone who owns a home should stand at the street and see what their yard says about them. What do your neighbors see, does the landscape match the home? Is your landscape appropriate and proportionate to the height of your home? Would you like privacy or trees and have none, are your existing trees and shrubs a problem for your neighbors? Does it look inviting, taken care of and nurtured and is it a space you can care for that is not a burden to you? If not, it is time for a change and your landscape may be due for an updated happier face.


Above: you see a defunct builders bed that was ill thought out and the plants were now working in the space they were provided. After: you have both feature And function in the way of a river rock bed that takes water away from the driveway while doubling as a sidewalk for guests. the plants are thought out for color and mature height and the end result is a stunner.

The best way to begin your landscape update is to address and remove the plants you know aren’t working. Even if a plant is healthy it is not wise to keep it in an undesirable space. You know who I am talking about; the ones you spend too much time trimming to keep off of the sidewalk or lawn or those that have taken over your windows and eve, as well as the plants that always have bugs, need too much water or never flower like they should. Remove those and find the right plants for the job.

There are so many stunning plants for the Central Texas landscape; Though choosing the  right plants requires some homework or a professional educational consultant to help make the right choices for your space. Be sure plants chosen are for your hardiness zone, (we are zone 8) sun or shade and require little water. Make sure your native and adapted perennial plants and trees are properly spaced so you don’t end up with a blob in a few years. You can find several great plant pages for sun and shade on this blog or my Facebook page at Lisa’s Landscape & Design. There are also excellent recourses for central Texas native and adapted plants online from Grow Green Austin, TX A&M, or the Wild Flower Center website.

It is a new year and new opportunity for change and growth so take some time for your own space and give it a little facelift. update and/or reduce lawn, water hogging plants and problem areas to create a space you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come. Just like people, landscapes evolve and require occasional tune ups so if you are feeling at a loss give me a call or text at 512-733-7777, or better yet, email me at for a Garden Coach/Landscape Consultation. You can  also visit the hundreds of pages, Pinterest, and do it yourself videos or blogs like mine for daily inspiration.

Your yard is the picture frame of your life. Simplify, update, and educate yourself on your land and make the most you can of it for yourself and those around you. Better yards increase real estate returns, set a standard for the neighborhood and invite “you” home with a smile.

Now go get your garden on,

Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape & Design

“Saving the Planet One Yard at a TIme”


  1. Mattie

    It been a long time Mrs.Lisa

  2. Cynthia Kritikos

    I missed your writing! Would love to see you doing a video/vlogging! Maybe your anger about people neglecting their yards showed up on your face. I love and am thankful for ANY advice you give! I can totally relate to what you wrote because my yard and home are a reflection of all the negativity that occurred in my life the past 20 years. My goal have a new relationship with myself and who knows? Thank you for the post!

    • Thank you Cynthia, I will be much more prolific this year. I am hoping to get back to the fun stuff now that I am no longer bogged with installations. Cheers to your new you and maybe a new space 😉

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