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Creating a funky space

There are a number of ways to add color and interest to the garden and one of them is with garden art.  It is also a great way to fill space in the garden whether you have large or small Xeriscape beds.

Kinetic by “LaPaso” see more at

Landscape Sculpture

Creative License, it is so important to be creative in art and in the garden.

Garden art is a matter of taste (or lack of 😉  What I think is fabulous may not be your idea of fabulous but it is your space so who cares what I think!.  Both of my parents are artists and I have an incredible appreciation for art.  My father is a well known sculptor who creates huge kinetic works of art (you can find him at and while his pieces are absolutely spectacular, not everyone can afford that, so if you are financially challenged as I am, or perhaps you have limited space, you have to be a little more creative with what you use in your landscape.

Make the space your own, you are the only one who has to like it 😉

One of my favorite ways to add interest to the garden is by re-claiming one man’s trash as your treasure by collecting odd antiques or recycled items and re-purposing them in some creative way.  I have a collection of antique colored bottle’s I buried in the ground upside down to add color to a bulb garden.  I have empty hanging baskets filled with citronella candles I use for lighting at night and various metal art I have collected and have sprayed bright Red as a “pop” of color throughout.

One of my all time favorite finds

Bright colors are in this year in patio furniture, colored glass and outdoor decor.   So grab some spray paint, the only limit is your imagination.   Here are some idea’s for a seed of motivation…

A Flower Bed

Re-purpose and recycle

Glass in the garden can be elegant or eclectic, glass attracts light and offers many colors to play with.

Garage sales, flea markets and junk shops are great places to find inexpensive yard art.  Do not be afraid of failure as just like in the garden, sometimes something works, sometimes it does not.  You will never know however unless you try.  Hang a chandelier from your tree, hang mirrors in your yard or on your fence to make your space look larger.  Add glass vases and metal pieces to create a theme or maybe you like rabbit’s and you find every funky rabbit you can locate…make it your own, make it original and do not let the boundaries of your imagination dictate what you create.  Your back yard especially is the one place in the world with the exception of the inside of  your home where you can be as fabulous or as bazaar as you wish…so go get your garden on!!

You can find other creative idea’s and clever solutions on my face book page at Lisa’s Landscape & Design  

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