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Earth Worms…More Beneficial Than You May Think

Most seasoned gardeners know that Earth Worms are a compliment to the soil conditions you have. The better your soil..the more worms you will see.  This a great article taken from “Organic” , very well written about some of the important creatures helping you underground…

Understanding Earthworms

Earthworms, worm casting, and vermicomposting.

Photography by Christa Neu

  • worms are good for youThe pale red garden earthworm is often called “nature’s plow.” That’s because an earthworm pushes through soft earth with the point of its head. If the soil is hard, the worm eats its way through, forming interconnected burrows, some several feet deep. Burrows loosen the soil, admitting air and water and helping roots grow. A single acre of cultivated land may be home to as many as 500,000 earthworms, each making thesoil a better place for plants.
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Lisa LaPaso

Lisa’s Landscape & Design

“Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time”


  1. Hi! I need help in choosing the best worms for my garden. I would appreciate your help on this! Thanks! – Kristina

    • Hi Kristina, Earth worms will come to your yard is you have the right soil. You shouldn’t need to add them, but I know worms can be ordered by mail and added that way as well. If you have a lot of organic matter in your soil, the worms will come to you. Most area’s in my yard are loaded with them because the organic matter and air in the soil allow them to be prevalent. If your soil is compacted you will have trouble getting worms to live in it, so you should be sure to add organic matter every year and till it in well adding oxygen and food to the soil.

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