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I didn’t write this article,  It was written by Erika Jensen with, but it was so informative, well written and user friendly it seemed a shame to try to re-write it.

If you think of carbon at all, it’s probably only as that pile of dead leaves waiting to be added to your compost bin. But everything
has carbon in it: the air, plants, the soil, and you. (Remember your TV sci-fi trivia: Humans are “carbon-based life forms.”) Plants don’t exist without carbon, and obviously neither do gardeners. If you understand
why plants need carbon and how easy it is to make it available to them,
your entire garden flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and  lawn will  burst with health and vigor.
Gimme Carbon:
Soil organic matter, a.k.a. carbon, is black gold—it makes the
garden grow and thrive. Soil with a high percentage of organic matter
has a loose, crumbly texture and a dark brown color.

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Lisa’s Landscape & Design

“Saving the Planet one Yard at  a Time”

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