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Fungi in soil…Smarter Than You Think!

I found this article about fungus to be as about informative as it could be without talking over my head. The problem with a lot of this info is that the authors are so busy talking in scientific terms that  they seem to forget some of us “Real” people would like to learn about it too.

Soil Fungi

I would have to say, that through my education, this was probably one of the most fascinating things I learned.  I knew what I needed to do to my soil through education and trial and error, but never really understood how it worked for itself and why. The symbiotic relationship between soil, plants and fungi is incredibly humbling as we learn that there is so much more to the success of this planet than ourselves.

The soil is a living organism and it is our jobs to protect and honor the basis of all plant life on our planet.


By Elaine R. Ingham


Fungi are microscopic cells that usually grow as long threads or strands called hyphae, which push their way between soil particles, roots, and rocks. Hyphae are usually only several thousandths of an inch (a few micrometers) in diameter. A single hyphae can span in length from a few cells to many yards. A few fungi, such as yeast, are single cells.

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