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Yellow Flowers for Central Texas

Esperanza. Yellow Bells, Lisa LaPaso

Love the color yellow but you’re not quite sure which plants are right for your space? I am here to help, this is a quick list of some of my favorite yellow flowers for Central Texas that are Xeriscape and low maintenance. Yellow Daylily  Edible from head to toe, the Daylily is a profusion of …

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Thryallis – Showers Of Gold (Galphimia glauca)

Thryallis is one of the terribly underused and under appreciated, beautifully adapted jewels in the Central Texas landscape. This full to part Sun semi-evergreen, flowering shrub is a great replacement for the terribly overused shrubs most homes have parked outside their windows. Too many cookie cutter plants are used in place of something unusual and this is one …

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