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It’s a Tree Ring Circus!

I honestly have to say this seems to be one of the most confusing elements of tree care for most people so I am here to clear up the confusion… Obviously there are various stages of tree growth and mulch provides a number of benefits to the tree as follows.  When a tree is a …

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Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day April 22nd, I would like to make some suggestions for some easy ways you can make some really big changes in your impact on our beautiful planet. One of the easiest ways is to choose native and adaptive plants. Native and adaptive plants use less water and attract native bees …

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Mulch, It’s Not Just Pretty

Mulch is a very undervalued commodity in our garden space. This is one of those area’s where I seem to get the most resistance. You will hear me say, 4″to 6″ over and over again as I speak about gardening. There is a very valuable reason for this. Most of us have yards that have …

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