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Iris in Central Texas!

Did you know the Bearded Iris is an excellent Xeriscape plant for the Central Texas landscape? Well, it is and happens to be one of my absolute favorite plants for so many beautiful reasons. Iris are stunning plants named after the Greek goddess who rode rainbows and rightfully so. They come in a beautiful array …

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Finding Some Landscape Motivation in Changing Times

I have had the same philosophy for the last 20 years,  longer really because I have been a Texan for 29 years.  I  moved here as a teen from south of Chicago and lived in a rather rural area with dark fertile soil, beautiful trees, 4 seasons and the most amazing flower displays all Summer long….then I …

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Landscape Shortcuts for the Lazy Gardener

OK, So maybe you’re not lazy, but perhaps you have other stuff to do and would like to just have more time to enjoy the yard and not have to be working in it all the darn time.  Here are a few idea’s I think you will appreciate. Reduce your lawn.. mow it crazy low, scalp …

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