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Springtime Trimming, Is it Time Yet?

So it is mid to late Winter in Austin Texas and as usual you cannot decide if it is Spring or Winter (hot one day, cold the next, sometimes in the same day) and you are jonesing to get in your garden! A little landscape advice from a well seasoned professional,…Don’t be too eager to …

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So…Who is this “Lisa” Anyway?

Well, I will tell who I am. First and foremost I am the wife of an awesome husband for over 20 years and the mother of two amazing boys. One who just turned 21, who is a full-time honors college student, an incredibly smart and talented artist and photographer, and a part-time production assistant at …

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Garden Maintenance, It’s Just What You Make It.

  Most people enter my back yard, and make one of two comments, “Oh how beautiful, this must be lots of work” or “I guess it looks like this because you do this for a living”. ┬áThe truth is…it’s all relative. I do this for a living so I don’t want to come home and …

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