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Gardening on a Budget

How do you create the garden of your dreams on  a shoestring budget? Well the first ingredient is patience because clearly you are going to have to prioritize and pace yourself, but I think  I have some suggestions that may help you get started. First you need to make a plan, either by hiring someone …

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Creating a New Garden Space

Any time of the year is a great time to prepare a new bed. When creating a new flower or veggie bed I never cut out the sod, I leave all of that great nitrogen right in the ground and save a lot of good soil from going to a landfill by following a few …

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Landscape Design

Lets talk about design for a moment, most people cringe at the thought. It is hard enough deciding what color cushions to put on a bench much less designing a whole yard. Fortunately, There are people out there like myself who can help you with that, but for those of you who would like to give …

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