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A Lily a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away!

Unknown to most, plants have an energy that transfers to people. I have seen it myself after a long hard day, a little flower and sunshine can go a long way and is a heck of a lot cheaper than therapy. When you have a plant or collection of plants that provide colors and aromas …

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“Fireman’s Cap” Coral Bean (Erythrina x bidwillii)

Flowering Firemans cap, coral bean

This is one of those plants that literally stopped me in traffic the first time I saw it. Many years ago I was driving down Bee Cave’s Rd here in Austin, Texas and just as I was passing by Barton Springs Nursery I did my usual “sneak a peek”. As I drove I noticed an enormous plant …

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New Addition…LL&D’s “Plant Pick of the Day”, Jerusalem Sage,(Phlomis fruticosa)

Ok, I figured I will still show you video of the overviews of gardens and demonstrations of the how and why’s, but I thought this year it might also be fun to show you individual plants with their most common names for you to see why they are my favorites.  We are beginning with the Jerusalem Sage …

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The New Age of Landscape Design

Many of us are constantly thinking of new ways to improve our lives, our bodies and our homes, and the way we think of gardening should be ever evolving as well.   This article was inspired by a new friend of mine who asked my opinion on landscape design as it related to architecture. I …

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Plant Selection for Austin Texas, What You Should Know…

It is that time of the year to be planting and planning and the first place to start is with your plant selections. It really important to start by using native and adapted plants. You can find a great list of these that provided by the city of Austin at There is also a …

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