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Creating a Sun Chart for Your Landscape

Xeriscape design, Austin, low water color

Texas sun is not like other sun. Yes, I know it is the same one…but I have traveled all over the country and lived here for 35 years and I’m telling you, Texas has a special kind of sun conditions for people and plants. Much like the desert heat, we get intensely long days with …

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Does Your Yard Have Resting Bitch Face?

Subtle changes can make a huge difference in your landscape. Turn bland into grand by accentuating what works, and updating what doesn’t.

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You Don’t Have a Black Thumb, You Just Haven’t Cultivated a Green One Yet

Time and time again I hear from potential clients, friends  and acquaintances, “I have a black thumb, so I pretty much kill everything”. Every time my response is the same, “We are inherently designed to be gardeners so I will bet that you have not chosen the right soil and plants for the space”. Upon …

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Landscape Design using Architecture, Stone and Clever Stuff!

In Central Texas we are in a long running drought only getting worse with each season. I do many, many landscape consultations and landscape designs each year assisting my clients in reducing their lawn to save water, but how do you justify planting new plants into a huge area when a lack of water is …

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Autistic Children are Constantly in Bloom.

This blog is inspired by my two favorite people on the entire planet… my two children, Cavin Lee (22) and my Zachariah (14). Seeing as it is coming up on April, “Autism Awareness Month”, I felt it was a good a time as any to discuss the many beautiful ways my boys have inspired me, …

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